Vicharan Reports

 18 September 2005 (V.S. Bhadarva sud 15) Sunday, Sarangpur

After puja, Swamishri blessed the youths of Vadodara who were running to New Delhi for the inauguration of Swaminarayan Akshardham. Swamishri held the flame they were carrying and gave them special memories.
At 11.10 am, Swamishri presided over the Punam assembly. Swamishri inaugurated two new publications: Gir Gay Apne Angane, written by Mansukhbhai Suhagiya, and also a Bengali publication.
In the evening, the mahant of the Ramji mandir in Gadhada came to meet Swamishri.

21 September 2005 (V.S. Bhadarva vad 4) Wednesday, Sarangpur, Shastriji Maharaj Smruti Din
In the morning, Swamishri blessed the 10,000 devotees seated in the assembly held in honour of Shastriji Maharaj, “With Shastriji Maharaj were only five sadhus and a few devotees. Yet, he still built all these mandirs and spread Satsang. Anyone would have been deterred, thinking that it is not possible. But Shastriji Maharaj was determined. Even if someone has power and money, still he would struggle to build such mandirs. But God was with Shastriji Maharaj and so such work was accomplished. The spiritual knowledge of Akshar and Purushottam given by Shastriji Maharaj was not to earn honour, fame or glory. He tolerated many hardships to spread this knowledge and so today it has become widely accepted. Swami was slim, but he had the strength of God so the work was accomplished.” 

22 September 2005 (V.S. Bhadarva vad 5) Thursday, Sarangpur
In the afternoon, Swamishri blessed 26 youths of Bochasan who were running to New Delhi for the inauguration of Swaminarayan Akshardham.

 23 September 2005 (V.S. Bhadarva vad 6) Friday, Sarangpur-New Delhi
Despite the heavy rains everywhere, Swamishri was eager to reach New Delhi for the final stages of preparation for the inauguration of Swaminarayan Akshardham.
Swamishri left by car from Sarangpur at 4.05 pm and arrived at Bhavnagar airport at 6.00 pm. At 6.20 pm, Swamishri flew to New Delhi, arriving there at 8.20 pm.

 28 September 2005 (V.S. Bhadarva vad 11) Wednesday, New Delhi
In the morning Swamishri visited the festival site and inspected in detail the preparations of the kitchen, accommodation, stage and other departments.

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