Vicharan Reports


27 December 2005 (V.S. 2062, Magshar vad 11) Tuesday, Surat
Swamishri performed the murti-pratishtha rituals of pujan and arti of Akshar Purushottam Maharaj and Guru Parampara for a hari mandir in Ambach –dejha Faliya Village.

31-12-2005 (V.S. 2062, Magshar vad 30) Saturday, Surat; Children’s Day
At 6.45 pm after Viveksagar Swami’s exposition on the Gita the evening Children’s Day program commence with a traditional dance and dramas. Thereafter the Mayor of Surat Dr Mavani and MP Kashiram Rana addressed the assembly. Finally Swamishri blessed the assembly.

1 January 2006 (V.S. 2062, Posh sud 2) Sunday, Surat
After completing his morning puja, Swamishri performed the pratishtha rituals of pujan and arti of murtis for a BAPS hari mandir in Pandesara.
In the evening satsang assembly 35,000 devotees attended to welcome Swamishri and to hear his blessings. Swamishri said, “The mandir tradition exists from ancient times when our rishis first worshipped in cave mandirs. Then with the progress of science changes developed and we have the mandirs we see today. The basic benefit is that the mandir inspires stability in the mind. Our mind is hyperactive. It roams everywhere. One can control and still the mind through darshan of God in a mandir.

2 January 2006 (V.S. 2062, Posh sud 3) Monday, Surat; Rural Day (Gramya Din)
A special morning assembly was held to celebrate ‘Rural Day’ in which devotees from the surrounding villages had gathered. The assembly agenda included discourses, a drama ‘The Glory of That Soil’, a dance on “Ham hai Bharat ke Juvan” and Swamishri’s blessings.

5 January 2006 (V.S. 2062, Posh sud 6) Thursday, Surat; Youth Day
After Viveksagar Swami’s discourse on the Shrimad Bhagvad Gita, the Youth Day programme commenced on the theme of ‘Message’. Youths dressed as great characters, ancient and modern (like Lakshman, Arjun, Bharatji, Dada Khachar, etc.), voiced their life messages of self-control, austerity, renunciation, etc. This was followed by a traditional dance on the bhajan “Nav Yuvano Shrijino Sandesh85” Finally Swamishri blessed the assembly.

7 January 2006 (V.S. 2062, Posh sud 8) Saturday, Surat
Swamishri performed the murti-pratishtha rituals of murtis for the hari mandirs in the villages of Sarol and Tichkiya.


To please Bhagwan Swaminarayan and Guru Pramukh Swami Maharaj children, youths and senior devotees perform austerities, pilgrimages or other devotional means. The spiritual endeavors performed by the devotees during Swamishri's visit to the local centers are congratulatory and worthy of recognition. It also reflects Swamishri's divinity for inspiring such spiritual efforts in children, teenagers and devotees.

26 December 2005, Surat

A devotee of Tadad village performed an 85-hour waterless fast for Swamishri’s good health. His wife and two children performed a fast for one day. Fifteen children pilgrimaged by foot from Segvachha village.

27 December 2005, Surat

Fifty-seven devotees pilgrimaged 25 km by foot from Bhandut village. Sixteen devotees pilgrimaged 23 km by foot from Selut village. Twenty-one devotees pilgrimaged 30 km by foot from Admor village.

28 December 2005, Gandhinagar

Forty-one devotees pilgrimaged 18 km by foot from Sarol village, 27 devotees walked 18 km from Veluk village, 30 devotees walked 21 km from Mota Kosmba and 17 devotees pilgrimaged 16 km from Narthana.


29 December 2005, Surat

Twenty-two and twenty-one devotees pilgrimaged by foot from the villages of Aerthan and Takrana respectively.


30 December 2005, Surat

Seventy-five male devotees, fifty-four female devotees and sixteen children pilgrimaged 15 km from the villages of Kumbhkarni and Hariyana and 17 km from Dihen village.

31 December 2005, Surat

Two hundred and seventeen devotes pilgrimaged by foot from the villages of Kudiyana, Kapasi and others. 




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