Vicharan Reports

5 June 2002 (V.S.2058, Vaishakh vad 10) Wednesday, Sankari
Swamishri performed the arti of Thakorji on the occasion of Sankari mandir's first patotsav (consecration anniversary). At 10.40 a.m., Swamishri addressed the patotsav assembly of 9,100 devotees and well-wishers.

June 2002 (V.S.2058, Vaishakh vad 12) Friday, Surat.
Yogi Jayanti
Yogiji Maharaj's 111th birthday anniversary was celebrated in the presence of 20,000 devotees. The main theme of the celebration was "Dreams Come True". The different wishes and dreams of Yogiji Maharaj for the growth and spread of Akshar and Purushottam were elaborated in a speech by Pujya Narayanmuni Swami. Shri Haka Bapu narrated his experiences about the realization of Yogiji Maharaj's dreams. Then a drama depicted the birth and growth of the children's and youth activities pioneered by Yogiji Maharaj.
Pujya Tyagvallabh Swami shared his experiences of Yogiji Maharaj. Pujya Viveksagar Swami spoke about the presence of Yogiji Maharaj today in Pramukh Swami Maharaj. This was followed by a video show based on the kirtan "Jogi ne joya Narayanswarupma re ...".
Finally, Swamishri spoke glowingly of Yogiji Maharaj, "Yogiji Maharaj was an extraordinary person. There would be no end in singing his glories if we were to speak of them for hundreds of thousands of years. His life was one of absolute humility, full of saintly virtues and service in all his actions ... ."

8 June 2002 (V.S.2058, Vaishakh vad 13) Saturday, Surat. Children's Day
During the evening assembly six little children presented a quiz on Swamini Vato. Then children performed an excellent dance, narrated an incident in English about Ghanshyam Maharaj and performed a drama that highlighted the influence of bad company on a satsangi child.
Finally, Swamishri emphasized about the destructive effects of bad things in his blessings.

10 June 2002 (V.S.2058, Vaishakh vad 30) Monday, Surat. Kishore Day
In the evening assembly, the kishores performed a drama, "The Accused is Summoned!" The drama was about the elements of television, bad company, etc. responsible for the degradation of character in teenagers today. All the accused were called to the witness box. Finally, the decision as to who is responsible was left for Swamishri to say in his blessings.

11 June 2002 (V.S.2058, Jeth sud 1) Tuesday, Surat
At 10.30 a.m., Swamishri arrived for the convention of rural devotees from 110 villages around Surat. More than 3,000 devotees were present during the assembly. A drama on 'Sagram Vaghri's Transformation' was performed by the rural youths. Finally Swamishri blessed the devotees.

14 June 2002 (V.S.2058, Jeth sud 4) Surat, Navsari.
Pramukh Varni Din Celebration
The 53rd Pramukh Varni Din Celebration assembly commenced at 5.30 p.m. The backdrop depicted the scene of appointment at the Ambli Vali Pol in Amdavad.
Shri Hakabhai Khachar who witnessed the appointment of Swamishri as the president by Shastriji Maharaj narrated the historic occasion. Then balaks and kishores performed a folkdance. Then the scene of the appointment ceremony was illustrated in a drama by youths. A video was shown depicting the tremendous growth of BAPS inspired by Swamishri.
Shri Harikrishna Maharaj was honored by a devotee.
Finally, Swamishri in his blessings talked about the doership and glory of Shriji Maharaj and guru parampara.

16 June 2002 (V.S.2058, Jeth sud 5) Sunday, Navsari.
Bal-Kishore Day

This evening a special presentation was made by balaks and kishores in the evening Satsang assembly. They presented a drama, "This Court is different" and a folk dance. Finally in his blessings Swamishri emphasized the need for a morally and god-centred life.


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