Vicharan Reports

19 June 2001: (V.S. 2057 Jeth Vad 13) Tuesday, Nagpur
A former M.P., Shri Shrikant Jijkar, came for Swamishri's darshan.Mr Jijkar is highly qualified, possessing 20 undergraduate and post-graduate degrees: MBBS, MD, DBM, MBA, LL.M, MA, D.Litt. (Sanskrit), B. Journalism, etc. He was aware of Swamishri's socio-spiritual activities and was highly impressed. On meeting Swamishri, he said, "You are a living God."
Swamishri replied, "Sahajanand Swami is God. I am His servant (sevak)."
In the afternoon, Swamishri sanctified the newly acquired land of BAPS. He also blessed an ordinary employee and his children who look after the land.

20 June 2001 (V.S. 2057 Jeth Vad 14) Wednesday, Nagpur
Swamishri performed the `Bhumi-pujan' for the proposed annexe building to the `Swaminarayan Primary School.' Thereafter, Swamishri and Minister Shri Satishbhai Chaturvedi inaugurated `Pramukh Swami Computer Institute' in the Primary School premises.
In the evening assembly the Bal-kishore Mandal effectively performed `Kafan' drama (on anti-addiction). Finally, Swamishri blessed the assembly.

21 June 2001 (V.S. 2057, Jeth Vad 30) Thursday, Nagpur, Pachmarhi
Swamishri arrived in Pachmarhi for a 3½ day satsang shibir (21 (evening) to 24 (afternoon) ) for the devotees of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. The three-tier shibir, with limited invitations, comprised of 75 Balaks-Balikas, 151 Kishores-Kishoris and 432 senior devotees. Swamishri and senior sadhus offered valuable spiritual guidance and inspiration.

23 June 2001 (V.S. 2057, Ashadh Sud 2) Saturday, Pachmarhi, Rath Yatra Festival
Swamishri celebrated Rath Yatra festival by guiding a chariot of Thakorji through a remote control contraption.
In the evening session of the shibir, Viveksagar Swami explained the history and significance of Rath Yatra festival and Swamishri blessed the assembly.

26 June 2001 (V.S. 2057, Ashadh Sud 6) Tuesday, Sihor
Swamishri celebrated the 4th BAPS mandir inauguration anniversary (patotsav) with Vedic rites. Thereafter, an assembly commenced with bhajans and speeches by sadhus and finally concluded with Swamishri's blessings.
In the evening assembly a kirtan-bhakti program was performed by sadhus. Thereafter a speech by Viveksagar Swami and blessings from Swamishri enthused the devotees.

28 June 2001 (V.S. 2057, Ashadh Sud 8) Thursday, New Delhi
In the evening, Swamishri paid a visit to the Akshardham site and offered prayers for the early completion of the Hari-mandir construction. Then Swamishri sanctified the huge crane for the construction work by showering flowers.

30 June 2001 (V.S. 2057, Ashadh Sud 10 ) Saturday, New Delhi
In the morning, Swamishri blessed the Lt.Governor of New Delhi, Shri Kapoor, at the Akshardham site. Thereafter Swamishri inaugurated the crane by performing puja.
In the evening, the renowned scientist Shri Abdul Kalam arrived at Swamishri's residence. The humble Mr Kalam sought the blessings of Swamishri and an interesting spiritual dialogue followed.

2 July 2001 (V.S. 2057, Ashadh Sud 12) Monday, New Delhi, Amdavad
Swamishri performed his morning puja at the Akshardham site. Thereafter, the rituals for the first stone-laying ceremony of Akshardham monument commenced. Swamishri performed pujan, sprinkled sanctified water and panchamrut on the first sculpted stone. The murti of Harikrishna Maharaj was placed on the stone and arti was performed. Swamishri then offered pushpanjali and prayers for the early and unique construction of Akshardham. After the chanting of Janmangal paath, Swamishri showered rice grains and blessed the stones, sadhus and devotees. Pujya Ishwarcharan Swami performed the auspicious ritual of splitting the coconut on the first stone. Finally, Swamishri poured mortar under the first stone.
The gathering then transformed into an assembly. Pujya Viveksagar Swami , Pujya Ishwarcharan Swami and dignitaries elaborated upon the noble mission of Bhagwan Swaminarayan and Swamishri, and the purpose of Akshardham monument. Swamishri buoyantly blessed the assembly.
In the evening, Swamishri arrived in Amdavad by flight from N. Delhi.



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