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13 April 2001 (V.S. 2057, Chaitra Vad 6) Friday, Bahrain

The evening assembly commenced at the BAPS - Center for Better Living with bhajans and discourses. At 7.00 pm, Swamishri arrived and the balaks performed a traditional dance. Then the youths performed an interesting drama, 'Sant Param Hitkari'. Finally, Swamishri addressed the special assembly of 750 invitees.

14 April 2001 (V.S. 2057, Chaitra Vad 7) Saturday, Bahrain

In the evening assembly, two international businessmen Mr. Mohammed Ali Dadabai - member of the consultative council of Bahrain and Mr. G.K.Noon were present. Mr. Noon addressed the audience, "I have been in touch with Swamishri for the last ten years. I have found nothing but peace in his eyes. I am proud to have the association of Swamiji." During his blessings, Swamishri said, "If one attains the fluent knowledge of God then there will be no misery ... In the house of God no one is small and no one is big. Everyone is equal. God is one. If you attain the virtues of truth, non-violence, compassion, etc. then you will attain peace."

15 April 2001 (V.S. 2057, Chaitra Vad 7) Sunday, Bahrain

During the evening assembly the youths performed a lively folk dance and a drama, 'Vyasani Gokaldas'. Then in his discourse, Swamishri emphasized about the fleeting nature of everything in this world. Swamishri honored and blessed Hasan Kamal - a renowned poet.

16 April 2001 (V.S. 2057, Chaitra Vad 8) Monday, Bahrain

At 12.00 noon, Swamishri, sadhus, the Indian Ambassador H.E. Surindersingh Gill and leading devotees arrived at the Government House in Manama city. Swamishri was led to the Private Office of the Prime Minister Sheikh Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa. After the welcome formalities by the Prime Minister and his cabinet ministers, namely, Minister of Foreign affairs, Cabinet Affairs, Information & Broadcasting, Interior, State, Environment and Housing; a dialogue, with Brahmavihari Swami as the interpreter, took place between the Sheikh and Swamishri.
Sheikh: We are happy to welcome you in Bahrain. I know you have been received and honored by many leaders throughout the world, and are held in high respect. It shows what place you occupy in people's hearts.
Swamishri: It is all due to God's grace. We are all His instruments and serve society according to His will.
Sheikh: I am aware of the good relation you shared with our late Highness Sheikh Isa, and I hope you extend your stay in Bahrain for several more days. Your presence and work bring peace and this is very important in today's world... and your people - all Indian people are very good citizens. They are our friends.
Swamishri: ... We are pleased by your love for India and Gujarat.
Sheikh: I have seen a photo of the London Mandir. It is a wonderful monument. Amazing! A lot of effort has gone into its creation. Throughout, there is peace and divinity in it. I believe whatever that is done with faith and love, with the united efforts of so many people succeeds in creating peace. It seems what Swami has done, has been done by God.

The Sheikh was all praises for the spirit of volunteerism behind the creation of the mandir in London. The BAPS earthquake relief work impressed him further. On hearing about Swamishri's message of peace at the Peace Summit in UN and personal meeting with Mr. Kofi Annan, the Sheikh opined, "I offer my good wishes to Swamiji and wherever you go, may you be successful. Whoever provides the needs of people, is great in this world!"
While going through a brochure on Akshardham monument the Sheikh was amazed and inquired of its details.
In conclusion, the Sheikh said, "Forgive me for spending only a little time with you. But when I come to India I will come with enough time. Today is one of my busiest of days ... But still, I can always spare time for friends." Swamishri then conveyed his good wishes and blessings for the King of Bahrain - Sheikh Hamad and the entire country. Swamishri presented an Amrut Kalash to the Prime Minister. After a group photo session, the Prime Minister saw Swamishri to the steps of the Cabinet House. The 24 minute dialogue was cordial and memorable.
The evening public assembly was arranged at the hall in Sheraton Hotel. A kirtan-bhakti program enthralled the audience. The Indian Consul General, Shri Rajiv Sahare, welcomed Swamishri with a garland and addressed the assembly.
After Swamishri's blessings, the kirtan-bhakti program continued.

17 April 2001 (V.S. 2057, Chaitra Vad 9) Tuesday, Bahrain

During the evening assembly, several dignitaries and government officials were felicitated and blessed by Swamishri, namely: The Indian Ambassador, H.E. Surindersingh Gill; Personal Secretary to Minister of Health, Mr. Suleman Bu Ali; Bangladesh Ambassador, H.E. Anwar Gulam Alam; Personal Secretary to Minister of Labor and Employment, Mr. Sadik Sehali; Director of Press and Publication, Mr. Ibrahim Nur; Mr. Mummed Nur Sultan, Mr. Ali Hasana, Dr. Ahmed Jasim, and the renowned poet Mr. Hasan Kamal.
The Indian Ambassador and Mr. Suleman Bu Ali addressed the audience. Finally, Swamishri focussed on the temporariness of this world and the benefits of having faith in religion.

18 April 2001 (V.S. 2057, Chaitra Vad 10) Wednesday, Bahrain

In the evening assembly, after a discourse by Viveksagar Swami, a Bhangada dance was performed by Jasbir Singh and youths. Thereafter, a drama 'Pragat Ki Pahechan' was enacted by youths.
In his blessings Swamishri said, " God is weighed by devotion. He has created the infinite universes and all priceless things in this world. God has created pearls, placed gold in earth - all for the happiness of mankind. To please God one needs devotion from one's heart. He is not appeased by empty devotion ..."

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