Vicharan Reports

1 Sept. 99: Wednesday (Shravan Vad 6, V.S. 2055), Cairo, Egypt

Swamishri offered prayers at the pyramids of Giza. An evening assembly of 100 people was held in a hotel hall where the Indian ambassador, H.E. Shivshankar Mukherjee was the chief guest.
2 Sept. 99: Thursday (Shravan Vad 7, V.S. 2055), Cairo to Tel Aviv, Israel

Swamishri arrived at Tel Aviv airport at 11.50 p.m.
3 Sept. 99: Friday (Shravan Vad 8, V.S. 2055) Janmashtmi, Tel Aviv, Israel

Meeting with Rabbi Aurahah Elimelah Firer was arranged at 11.00 p.m. An inter-faith dialogue took place between Swamishri and the Rabbi. Janmashtmi festival was celebrated from 5.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. The Deputy Mayor of Tel Aviv Micheal Roe honored Swamishri during the assembly.
4 Sept. 99: Saturday (Shravan Vad 9, V.S. 2055), Tel Aviv, Israel

This morning Swamishri visited Bethlehem and placed holy flowers on the birthplace of Jesus Christ and offered prayers.
5 Sept. 99: Sunday (Shravan Vad 10, V.S. 2055), Tel Aviv, Israel

Swamishri had an inter-faith dialogue with Rabbi Lau of the Ashkinazi sect and Rabbi Bakshi Doron of the Sfaradi sect. Swamishri also offered prayers at the Wailing Wall.
6 Sept. 99: Monday (Shravan Vad 11, V.S. 2055), Tel Aviv

Met the former Prime Minister of Israel, Simon Peres.

10 Sept. 99: Friday (Bhadarva Sud-1, V.S. 2055), Mombasa

At 12 noon, Swamishri was welcomed at Moi International Airport, Mombasa, by the Mayor Mr. Mwalimu Mahima and Deputy Mayor Abdul Latif Ubwa and other officials. An evening assembly was held at the Hindu Union Shivalaya Mandir. After performing arti of Lord Mahadev and applying sandalwood paste and flowers, Swamishri was honored in the assembly by the devotees and local leaders. 2,000 devotees and well-wishers had attended the grand assembly.
12 Sept. 99: Sunday (Bhadarva Sud 3, V.S. 2055), Mombasa, All Religions Prayer Assembly

From 5.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. an �All Religions Prayer Assembly� was held at the Municipal Stadium. The Deputy Mayor and government officials welcomed Swamishri and the sadhus. After a speech in English and Swahili the youth members of Mombasa Satsang chapter performed a colorful Indian folkdance. The local African youths performed a traditional Sengayniya dance and regaled the assembly. The Deputy Mayor Mr. Abdul Latif spoke glowingly about his divine impressions of Swamishri. He said, "...As I stand before Your Holiness, I cannot express the spiritual reverence that I am feeling now. Your Holiness, I must admit and tell my colleagues present here today that His Supreme Divine Holiness is not like anyone of us on this planet - he�s a world renowned crown saint..." On the occasion he also presented the Key to the City to Swamishri. Swamishri finally blessed the assembly saying, "Despite our mundane activities we should walk on the path of spirituality and offer our prayers to God. God has instructed us all to live a good, pure life and have love and respect for everyone. May we unite in elevating our family, our society and our country. Without mutual cooperation and God as the medium, this is not possible..."
13 Sept. 99: Monday (Bhadarva Sud 4, V.S. 2055), Mombasa

Swamishri celebrated the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi from 9.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.


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