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21-7-1999: Wednesday (Ashad Sud 9, V.S. 2055), Bochasan

Swamishri was shown a couple of sentences in English, that he would have to speak in a quiz arranged for children from USA. The first sentence was, "I will take you to Akshardham." On finding out what it meant, Swamishri corrected it, "The sentence should be �Shriji Maharaj will take you to Akshardham.� If we say �I� then we will become arrogant and egotistic. It should be Shriji Maharaj." There is no arrogance or egotism in Swamishri but his devotion and conviction of Shriji Maharaj�s doership is immensely inspiring.
22-7-1999: Thursday (Ashad Sud 10, V.S. 2055), Bochasan

In a special morning assembly for the children from USA, Swamishri participated in a
question - answer session and satisfied the enquiries from the children.
Q: What are the benefits of learning the Gujarati language?
A: We are all Gujaratis. You were born there, but your parents were born here. So by
learning Gujarati one can understand and appreciate our culture, our family feelings, our
society and country. Through the Gujarati language you can experience a feeling of
homeliness and friendship. You can also enjoy speaking with others. So you should all learn
to speak and write in Gujarati.

Q: Can you describe what Akshardham is like?
A: There is a lot of divinity in Akshardham. It is limitless. There is a tremendous amount of light, many times more than sunlight, but the light is soothing and peaceful. Maharaj is seated on a high seat and the muktas enjoy His darshan. By doing darshan the muktas experience happiness. Everyone has the same form as Maharaj. Just as Shriji Maharaj is adorned with a crown and a rosary in hand, so too are the muktas. All the muktas are the same. However, if you wish to see Dada Khachar, Shastriji Maharaj, Yogiji Maharaj, then by the grace of Maharaj you would be able to see them. There is no difference of man and woman in Akshardham. Everyone is in the released state of muktas. Maharaj�s abode is such that on once reaching it there is no return to the cycle of births and deaths.

Q: What guarantee do we have that we will go to Akshardham?
A: Maharaj has given us the guarantee. Yogiji Maharaj has said that we will go to
Akshardham and he will take us there. Shriji Maharaj and Gunatitanand Swami have
said that they will take everyone to Akshardham. So we should have faith in their words. When we get admission in medical school, we are taught by the professor. Though we don�t know him we have faith that because he is a doctor, we too will become a doctor. Likewise,
Shriji Maharaj brought Gunatitanand Swami on this earth and told everyone that I want to make you all Gunatit. Then Bhagatji Maharaj, Shastriji Maharaj, Yogiji Maharaj, all
Gunatit saints - had the divine knowledge of Shriji Maharaj and Akshardham. By having firm faith, devotion and refuge in Shriji Maharaj, we will definitely go to Akshardham...

Q: What type of qualities would you like children to have?
A: Yogiji Maharaj used to say that we should follow our niyams (moral rules) like doing the rosary, prostrating to God, performing daily puja and study sincerely. Since you are all
studying, you should work hard and get first rank in school. We like those who cultivate good qualities like - not misbehaving, quarrelling, lying and cheating, and obeying one�s parents and teachers. Yogiji Maharaj used to say that one should not eat outside (restaurants and hotels),
go to discos and watch movies in cinemas and theatres. You should go regularly to the Bal Mandal.
If you become virtuous like this then everyone will love you.
24-7-1999: Saturday (Ashad Sud 11, V.S. 2055), Bochasan (Akhand Dhun)

From 6.30 a.m. till 7.15 p.m., a non-stop chanting of the Swaminarayan Mahamantra and prayers for rain was inspired by Swamishri. Before his evening walk, Swamishri chanted the dhun for 27 minutes


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