Vicharan Report

4 April 1999 : Sunday (Chaitra vad 3) , Navsari

At 6.55 p.m. Swamishri left Bharuch and reached Navsari at 7.37 p.m. In addressing the assembly of devotees Swamishri said, "After the establishment of this mandir in Navsari there has been a tremendous progress in the local Satsang... On Sundays people spend their day partying or travelling around but Yogiji Maharaj has said that our Sundays should be spent in such a way that we experience peace of mind..."

5 April 1999 : Monday (Chaitra vad 4) , Navsari

In the evening assembly Swamishri eloquently elaborated on the subject of Faith in God. "God is present in the mandir. If one has faith then only can one come here. If one does not believe that there is God then the question of coming to the mandir does not arise and neither the need for reading the scriptures!
To advance in Satsang, Gunatitanand Swami has said that one requires faith (shraddha), deep spiritual desire (khap) and spiritual association (samagam).
To progress or inspire progress in society, the country or in anyone, one first requires faith (shraddha) in God. If there is faith then perseverance follows. And that is why one should have faith in dharma, God and holy scriptures.
"Secondly one must have khap or else if something disturbing happens then one will give up Satsang. If one is not honored or looked after then one will be critical and bitter towards the organisers. However if one has shraddha and khap then one will always feel that God is true and this mandir is genuine...
"And thirdly one must spiritually associate with a holy sadhu - one who will consolidate dharma, jnan, vairagya and bhakti in one’s life."

7 April 1999 : Wednesday (Chaitra vad 6) , Navsari

This morning, the murti of Harikrishna Maharaj was honored by the devotees of Navsari.

8 April 1999 : Thursday (Chaitra vad 7) , Navsari

Swamishri performed the ground-breaking ceremony for a new assembly hall at the mandir complex in Navsari.
During the morning assembly, Swamishri explained, "... You have all experienced the worldly pleasures and luxuries of life. To add further, this soul has also become Indra and enjoyed the mundane pleasures. In spite of all this still there is no satisfaction. The more you indulge the more your desires grow. If you put ghee in fire then the fire will not die out but increase all the more. Likewise, by indulging in worldly pleasures, there is no reason to believe one will become satisfied. One can only become desireless through the refuge and association of the Satpurush (holy guru)..."

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