Examinations Process & Formalities


Respected Saints and Volunteers,

Jai Swaminarayan.

Each year 20,000 devotees of all Ages overseas and approximately 6,000 Satsang activity karyakars in India register to sit for the Satsang Examinations held on the first Sunday of March. Subsequently, every July over 25,000 devotees throughout India appear for the Satsang Exams at more than 500 centers. Unique versions of the exam papers are created for both exams.

In India, the registration is done using paper forms. Then the completed forms once collected are sent via post mail to the Satsang Exam Division. Due to this process taking some time, the registration for the March exam closes on September 15th of the previous year.

As we are already aware, the overseas exam registration process is an online web-based self-registration one. Often when first time examinee create a new account it requires an extensive past record review and proper exam level verification. Sometimes the new examinees fail to provide the necessary past details. In such cases, the Exam Division needs additional time for the examinee validation process. Due to scenarios such as these the online registration closing date is October 1st of the previous year for first time registrants. While the existing examinee registration process does not require a lengthy validation process, thus allowing their closing date to be later on November 1st of the previous year. Candidates are responsible for self-registration. Candidates are given the option to change/select the exam center and the language preference (English, Gujarati or Hindi) at the time of online registration.
A new Satsang Exam e-Registration (SEeR) account can be created at (https://www.bapssatsangexams.org/)

  1. Once online registration is closed, on November 25th, the Satsang Exam Division in India, will send an e-mail (from [email protected]) to all Satsang Exam Coordinators overseas including a pdf file with details of the candidates from their respective centers. The Satsang Exam Coordinators must ensure that the details of all the candidates are accurate. All candidates and exam coordinators must also confirm that the candidates will have to appear for the same exam level and language as their pre-test. Any corrections to their profile must be made online by December 1st. No further changes will be permitted past this date.
  2. On December 5th, a revised final list in a pdf file will be sent to all Satsang Exam Coordinators. This list will have the corrected edits of the candidate’s exam level and language preference from the pre-test papers.
  3. For the past 5 years, pre-test (practice) papers have been uploaded on website. From this year forward, the pre-test papers will be uploaded to the account on December 1st. This will allow time for the candidates to verify the correct exam paper is and language preference prior to the final corrections date actually passes.
  4. On December 25th, the Satsang Exam Division in India will start to print candidate details (name, exam level, medium/language preference, examination center, Pragna examination options – Paper 1 or 2 or both, barcode, etc.) on the examinees exam cover sheets. It takes approximately 10 business days to print around 40,000 cover-sheets, covering 13 exam levels (Prarambh to Pragna 3) in three different languages (Gujarati, Hindi, English). These cover-sheets are then stapled to the 40,000 question papers and separately packed for each of the 360 exam centers across the globe. They are very carefully and precisely arrange to avoid errors taking approximately 1 month.

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