As part of their four-month BAPS Yuvati Talim Kendra (YTK) course, the 77 yuvatis of the first batch of 2023 undertook a week of vicharan. In groups of four each, the 77 yuvatis, in 19 groups, visited 133 villages across Gujarat to conduct the ‘Antar Jagruti Parva’ (Personal Awareness Campaign).
During their one-day visits to these villages, the yuvatis visited 3,117 homes, inspiring more than 5,600 women devotees to attend their local weekly assembly, perform daily personal puja, visit the local mandir regularly for darshan, daily read the Vachanamrut and Swamini Vato, conduct family assemblies, observe a fast on ekadashi and practice other basics of satsang.
The yuvatis conducted a total of 130 mahila assemblies, attended by over 4,700 people. Also, they held 151 balika assemblies which were attended by more than 1,150 children. In the evenings, the youths organized 110 bhakti feris – devotional parades – through the towns and villages, in which more than 2,900 devotees participated. The youths also inspired over 2,820 people to give up their addictions.
These village visits energized not only the devotees, but also the youths to strive for greater spiritual growth.

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