Over 1115 kishores and kishoris attended the Kishore-Kishori National Conventions held at four major BAPS centers in Africa: Nairobi, Kenya; Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania; Mayfair, South Africa; and Kampala, Uganda.
Themed ‘Kah Pantha? Path of Happiness’, the conventions delved into the profound concept that faith in God constitutes the genuine path to lasting happiness, transcending the fleeting allure of materialistic pursuits.
During the conventions, attendees were guided through introspective sessions and workshops that explored how remembrance (smruti), prayer (prarthana), and observance of God’s commands (agna) increase one’s faith in God, ultimately leading to eternal happiness. Based on true examples and practical tips, the delegates were inspired to undertake daily devotional activities to strengthen their own faith in God and guru: arti, nitya puja, mansi puja, satsang reading, chesta, and being honest with the guru.
The conventions also addressed the pitfalls on the path to happiness. Engaging discussions dissected the impact of screens, social media, and the internet on personal well-being and spiritual growth, urging attendees to recalibrate their relationship with these digital interfaces.
The conventions answered the question, ‘Kah Pantha?’ (Which Path?): ‘Mahajano yena gatah sa pantha’ – Follow the path taken by the great. The resounding message was clear to all attendees: while temporary pleasures may captivate one momentarily, it is faith in God that paves an enduring road to genuine and lasting happiness. The conventions illuminated the minds of the teenagers with the wisdom that can lead them toward a fulfilled and spiritually enriching life.

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