Students of the BAPS Pramukh Academy, Atladara, held a special assembly in the presence of Mahant Swami Maharaj based on the theme ‘Cultivating Pramukhness’.
The distinctive ethos of Pramukh Academy was highlighted through the example of Arjuna, a solo drama performance portraying the academy's symbols - Akshar Deri, Kamal (Lotus), Pen, Garud (Eagle), and a group discussion.
A presentation titled ‘Kartavyanisth Karmyogi’ depicted the differing outcomes of the work performed by responsible and irresponsible officials and the effect on the public of their actions or inactions. Also, an impactful speech titled ‘Mera Desh, Meri Jimmedari’ raised awareness among the public about electricity, water, cleanliness, corruption and other critical issues that affect the daily lives of ordinary people. Thereafter, Gnanvijay Swami provided practical guidance to students.
The program concluded with the blessings of Mahant Swami Maharaj.

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