This video traces the journey of the BAPS Hindu Mandir in Abu Dhabi, from its conception to its magnificent creation. It captures touching narratives from individuals who have contributed to the temple's construction, each placing bricks laden with faith and personal stories of devotion. It specially features an enlightening and heartfelt message from Dr. S. Jaishankar.
Dr. Jaishankar beautifully articulates the significance of the  Mandir. He views it not only as a symbol of the rich and ancient Indian civilization, but also as an embodiment of thousands of years of culture, creativity, wisdom, and faith. This temple is a testament to India's glorious past and an embodiment of a culture that has spread far beyond its borders.
But the temple is more than just a statement of history; it's also a symbol of the global rebalancing taking place today. As nations become more respectful and fair in their dealings with each other, the Mandir stands as an example of the harmony that can be achieved.
What makes this Mandir even more special for Dr. Jaishankar is the sentiment attached to it. The respect and understanding shown by Abu Dhabi in partnering with India for this project is a testament to the power of cultural diplomacy. The Mandir is a deeply personal accomplishment for him, a significant milestone that he envisions sharing with his future grandchildren as one of the most touching moments of his life.
This interview provides a fascinating insight into the Mandir's role in global diplomacy and cultural heritage. It's a reminder that our shared spaces can reflect our shared values and foster mutual respect among nations.

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