With the blessing of His Holiness Mahant Swami Maharaj, Pujya Priyasevadas Swami and Pujya Uttamshlokdas Swami embarked upon a Satsang Vicharan (tour) in Brazil from April 12-17, 2022. This is the third tour by BAPS Swamis to Brazil,  the largest country in Latin America with a population of 200 million. Brazil is a predominantly Portuguese-speaking country with a very sparse Indian population. This satsang vicharan was undertaken to meet devotees in-person after two years of COVID restrictions, to strengthen their faith and inspire the Hindu community to live by the principles of Hinduism.
As a part of the commemoration of 75 years of India's independence, Shri Suresh Reddy, the Honorable Ambassador of India, hosted an event on April 13, 2022, at the Indian Embassy in Brasilia. The event included local Indian citizens, the embassy staff members, and other local officials. First, Pujya Uttamshlok Swami recited the Vedic Shanti Path followed by a speech on Tolerance and Harmony by Pujya Priyaseva Swami. The program concluded with a singing of Mahatma Gandhiji’s favorite bhajan, “Vaishnav Jan to Tene Re Kahiye Je” expounding the qualities of a genuine devotee. Later, Pujya Swamis and the team visited the Temple of Knowledge in Brasilia.
A family shibir was organized on April 16, 2022, at the Shiv Mandir (Vila Das Flores - TEMPLO DE SHIVA), located between Campinas and Sao Paulo. The theme of the shibir focused on maintaining spirituality together as a family and community. The theme was brought to life through talks, group activities, and question/answer sessions led by Pujya Swamis and active participation by attendees of all ages. 
Ram Navmi and Swaminarayan Jayanti celebrations took place on April 17, 2022, with about 150 participants from São Paulo, Campinas, and surrounding areas. Pujya Priyasevadas Swami’s speech highlighted the understanding, humility, and sacrifice of Bhagwan Shri Ram in response to being exiled for 14 years on the day of his coronation. The talk also relayed the life and work of Bhagwan Swaminarayan, emphasizing the importance of a living Guru and Mandirs in practicing and continuing Hindu teachings.
Pujya Swamis visited the homes and offices of devotees in the São Paulo area. Pujya Swamis also visited Campinas, a city 100 km Northwest of São Paulo, and conducted a family shibir in the area. This satsang vicharan helped rejuvenate and strengthen faith among devotees residing in Brazil.

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