Kishoris (ages 14-22) from across the Northeast region gathered to participate in the Amrut Cup Volleyball Tournament in Parsippany, NJ, on February 19, 2022. The daylong event allowed kishoris to build connections with others from across the region, strengthening their relationships on-court and off-court. The Amrut Cup is a two-part tournament, the regular season and the play-offs. 
On the surface, it looks like a regular volleyball tournament, but in reality, kishoris from all over the region develop samp (unity), suhradbhav (solidarity), and ekta (oneness). The morning and evening programs emphasized these values. Gunatitanand Swami once said that if there is one stick, anyone can easily break it, but if there is a bundle of sticks, even the most muscular man cannot break it. Kishoris imbibed this Swamini vat with their team members and with kishoris from other centers. 
The kishoris walked away with a memorable experience due to the extraordinary efforts of local and regional volunteers. Events like this tournament create an environment for the youth to grow together in their pursuit of satsang.

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