A total of 279 balaks and kishores and 221 balikas and kishoris attended the three-day Bal-Kishore Summer Camps 2021 held at eight centers in Australia (Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney) and New Zealand (Auckland, Wellington). Each center followed the local Covid-19 restrictions when conducting the camp, which meant some centers conducted the camp via video conference.
The topics covered in the summer camp included the history of BAPS, the four mahavakyas, education, healthy lifestyle, selfless service and attachment with the Satpurush.
Following each presentation, delegates engaged in group-based activities varying from creative exercises to solving problems with communication.
The presentations also guided the youngsters on how to practically apply the spiritual messages in their daily lives to become an asset to society.
The finale of the camp was the summer camp skills challenge in which small groups of the delegates presented a 15-minute assembly or theme-based skit to all the attendees. They groups worked over the two days and on the third day showcased their talent and skills. All groups were judged and provided constructive feedback for improvement in the future. 
Through these enjoyable summer camps, the youngsters gained in-depth knowledge about key spiritual topics and the opportunity to develop their creative and presentation skills.

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