The yuvaks and yuvatis who had participated in the zonal competitions and memorized all 315 Sanskrit shloks of the Satsang Diksha were eligible for this national competition coordinated by the Satsang Pravrutti Central Office.
A total of 368 yuvaks and yuvatis took part and were thoroughly tested online via video calls by 38 experienced examiners. Of the participants, 273 youths (152 yuvaks and 121 yuvatis) were assessed to have correctly memorized all 315 Sanskrit shloks. A further 28 had correctly memorized 300 shloks and 8 had memorized 285.
For all these yuvaks and yuvatis a special online felicitation assembly was held in the presence of Param Pujya Mahant Swami Maharaj.
The assembly began with inspiring speeches by Pujya Doctor Swami and Pujya Ishwarcharan Swami. Then, Atmaswarup Swami, narrated the effort and diligence with which Mahant Swami Maharaj had written this historic shastra.
After arriving in the online assembly, Shri Harikrishna Maharaj and Mahant Swami Maharaj were honored with pujan and garlands.
In Swamishri’s presence, yuvaks from various centres presented recitals of the Sanskrit shloks in traditional Vedic style.
Then, after a video depicting the zonal and national competitions, yuvaks and sadhus narrated the testing circumstances the youths overcame to memorize the shloks and the efforts they had put in.
Swamishri then unveiled the awards that will be sent to the youths, stamped and signed a certificate, and sanctified copies of the Satsang Diksha text that each youth would receive.
To honor and felicitate the youths Swamishri showered flower petals in their direction and also gestured to embrace them as a mark of his blessings.
To further felicitate the participating youths and honour their outstanding achievements, all the sadhus of the Sanstha, watching this live broadcast from their respective mandirs, performed dandvats to all the youths.
Then, on behalf of all the youths, Yagnapriya Swami, voiced a prayer to Swamishri.
Swamishri then blessed, “There are no words to describe what you have achieved. You have attained realization of God. Now if you sincerely live by the niyams and dharma, you will all flourish.”
Thereafter, Swamishri blessed all the winners by stroking his hand over their names on the winners’ list. Also, as a gesture of presenting the award to each personally, he placed an award on each name on the list.
Then, Swamishri blessed all the yuvaks individually as their live streams were displayed in sequence on the large LED screen in front of Swamishri.
This memorable and moving assembly concluded with everyone joining Swamishri to perform the arti.

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