1 May 2020
To All Devotees,
When the lockdown ends shortly, everyone will still need to remain extra cautious of the risk of transmission of coronavirus. Within or outside the home, we have to ask ourselves, are we unintentionally spreading the coronavirus? It is our personal responsibility to understand this.
Upon returning home after going outside, we should be especially mindful of the risk of accidentally passing anything on to the elderly, our parents, or anyone else in our homes. Outside or within the home, insofar as possible, one should maintain a social distance and firmly abide by the cleanliness rules that have been given to us. Coronavirus can be lethal for those who are elderly. Therefore, one should take extra care of one’s parents and the elderly. You, the elderly and the whole family should take the following and other steps to increase one’s immunity.
–  Drink hot water 5­–6 times a day
–  Inhale steam through the mouth and nose
–  Gargle a mixture of turmeric, salt and hot water
–  Take homeopathic and ayurvedic medicines in milk, etc.
In short, we have to take personal responsibility for ourselves. Be sure to protect yourself, your children, your parents and your whole family. This is your devotion towards God, and your service to your country and to society.
Crucially, look after elderly family members. Those with chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart conditions, kidney problems, stroke, liver or lung problems, high blood pressure, etc. and the elderly with illnesses should take extra special care.
Heartfelt Jai Swaminarayan from Sadhu Keshavjivandas

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