The ongoing global Covid-19 pandemic has significantly impacted students passing through the education system and seeking employment. BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha in the UK responded to this period of uncertainty and anxiety for both students and parents through a series of online workshops.

Personal Statement Workshop – 2 August 2020

The personal statement is an important component of the application process for the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). This workshop provided expert guidance to over 80 participants on preparing statements. Rhianna Saglani, an attendee, shared, “The workshop was very comprehensive and went above and beyond what the school teaches. It will help me distinguish my skills and experiences from my peers.”

CV and Cover Letter Workshop – 27 September 2020

Over 140 youths attended a workshop delivered by industry experts who succinctly explained the context, structure and style of CVs and cover letters, and shared their insights from their many years of experience in reviewing applications. The discussions also helped to strengthen future applications for internships and professional roles.

Interview and Assessment Centres Workshop – 25 October 2020

A tailored workshop was held to support students and recent graduates in the latter stages of applications for internships and graduate roles. Experts with significant experience as interviewers and assessors for large multinational corporate firms were on hand to share important techniques on answering interview questions with greater proficiency, for example, using the STAR technique. They also explained how to demonstrate greater aptitude at assessment centres.

Medicine and Dentistry Workshop – 4 November 2020

A special workshop was held for students applying to medicine and dentistry courses at university. Volunteers who had successfully navigated this challenging process provided step-by-step guidance on tackling specific interview questions. They also elaborated on techniques to express motivation and suggested ways to engage in their subject from home amid sparse work experience opportunities due to the current situation.

Post-16 and Post-18 Parents Workshop – 9 & 27 October 2020

Online seminars for parents of children embarking upon the next stage of their academic careers were held to address the often limited access of information they have available to support their children. Over 160 families attended the events, which were planned and delivered by knowledgeable youths who have progressed through these stages and graduated from some of the UK’s most distinguished education establishments.
The presentations included information about the UCAS application process, advice on making informed decisions on courses, colleges and universities along with alternative routes to education after the age of 18. This included a critical review of apprenticeships and programmes as well as gap years and entering employment.

11+ Webinars for Parents and Students – 30 July, 5 August, 25 November & 13 December 2020

A series of webinars were held for both parents and children to help guide them through the 11+ exam, an important stage of a student’s progress from primary to secondary schooling. Experts as well as parents who had successfully tackled the process shared essential information, useful tips and reassuring experiences. Children also benefitted from a session on how to best prepare for the exam. (Click here for more details about the session for parents.)
A parent from Luton shared her thoughts after joining one of the online workshops: “I now have a clear understanding about the entire process and how I can support my child. This has been so useful. The content was excellent and the advice on career pathways was particularly beneficial. I can now have more a productive and informed conversation with my children.”


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