BAPS Hindu Mandir Abu Dhabi and RSP were awarded the prestigious Interior Design Concept of the Year 2020 at the Commercial Interior Design (CID) Awards held on 25 November 2020. According to CID, the category recognizes the vision that interior designers have provided for projects that have not yet been completed. The judges looked at “ambition and innovation but will also include practical concerns when reaching a decision.” The Mandir's design was selected as exemplary in a category with 16 finalists from hundreds of entries.
The finalists included Barjeel by Light Space Design, Boutique art hotel by JPA Design, Dnata's Hub by Rasha Al Tekreeti, Doka Cafe and Bakery by XO Atelier, DMCC co-working office by Swiss Bureau, Digital retail bank by Bluehaus Group, Early Years Childhood Authority by Roar, Matal by 4space, Morox by Brand Creative, New restaurant concept by Bishop Design, Nubug by LA Design, SLS hotel by Bishop Design, 25hours Dubai One Centra, Dubai World Trade Centre by Woods Bagot and Wandering Nomad DXB by Gensler.
The winning interiors were design with a unique concept in mind. “Designed with a holistic approach, RSP reflects the architectural concept of the Spiritual Oasis into the interiors through the idea of a Monastic Tree of Life feel. The interior concept aims to highlight the soul within the complex, extracted from the fused entities of the Hindu Temple and the oasis.” The design comes to life with a simple, modern material and color palette. Using white, copper, light wood, austere grey and plants to add life, the entire design leaves a neutral and clean palette which communicates the complex as an uncluttered introspective space of simplicity and spirituality. The wood and plants bring in nature and the sense of a serene retreat while the copper of the mandir’s bells unites the campus and reminds us always that we are in the presence of divinity at a mandir. The RSP submission notes that the materiality “[evokes] a naturally atmospheric semblance of elegance and polished simplicity, reflective of the intricate yet humbled spirit of Hinduism, in harmony with nature.”
RSP’s team produced the final design inspired and informed by their discussions with Pujya Ishwarcharan Swami, Brahmavihari Swami, Shrijiswarup Swami, Akshaymuni Swami and Aksharatit Swami. Their visits to the Akshardham in New Delhi, the Akshardham in Gandhinagar and the mandirs in Sarangpur and London played a key part in the creative process.
Michael McGill, Creative Director of RSP Middle East, and Anthony Taylor, the main designer of the concept, shared the following thoughts, “It is great to see fellow professionals recognize the beauty of the vision of uniquely mixing of modern and traditional styles into a harmonious design. It was wonderful assisting the swamis at BAPS realize their ideas.”
Mr. Jasbir Singh Sahni, Project Director for the BAPS Hindu Mandir shared his congratulations to all the volunteers and professionals who are helping this project come to fruition. “RSP has done a wonderful job of conceptualizing a unique oasis design for the mandir complex. With their support and the hard work of the countless volunteers and professionals on this project, including engineers from BAPS, Rambol and CEC, we are sure to bring this vision to life.”
This is the second award for this historic project. Earlier the mandir has been awarded Best Mechanical Design at the Middle East MEP Awards. With the blessings of Param Pujya Mahant Swami Maharaj, the vision of Param Pujya Pramukh Swami Maharaj, the BAPS Hindu Mandir will be a once in a millennium project – a spiritual oasis of global harmony located in the capital of tolerance, Abu Dhabi.

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