Events celebrating the loving bond between mothers and daughters were held at BAPS mandirs and centres across the UK in March 2019. This annual event, titled ‘Matru-Devo Bhava,’ brought together more than 500 children and their respective mothers.
The programmes were organised and delivered by young children who utilised their talents to recognise and appreciate the selfless love and commitment of their mothers.
Young girls skilfully conducted a Vedic pujan to pray for world peace during the events. They also recited uplifting poems and performed inspiring sketches to reinforce the timeless Hindu values of respect and reverence as described in the Upanishads as ‘Matru-devo Bhava’.
Numerous interactive activities provided opportunities for mothers and daughters to engage with each other in a relaxed environment. Girls also participated in light-hearted races during which they completed a series of chores, representing the selfless service that mothers perform for their children.
Young girls narrated heartfelt declarations to their mothers to offer their gratitude and seek forgiveness for any mistakes they may have made in the past. These personal testimonies further strengthened the special bond with their mothers.
Video blessings from Pramukh Swami Maharaj and Mahant Swami Maharaj were also relayed in which they emphasised that ‘Matru-Devo Bhava’ is a learning that everyone should imbibe in one’s everyday family life.
The heart-warming programmes left positive impressions upon the attendees. A mother from Preston said, “It was so inspiring to see the maturity and appreciation from such young children. The activities were thoughtfully organised and provided valuable insights to further strengthen the relationship with my daughter.”

The programmes were brought to a close with pledges of kindness and appreciation in which daughters bowed down to their mothers – a traditional Hindu gesture of veneration. Daughters presented cards to their mothers at the conclusion of the event in which they conveyed their personal promises to serve and respect them.

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