As part of the four-month Yuvati Talim Kendra course, the current batch of 93 yuvatis undertook satsang vicharan to villages across Gujarat. A total of 24 groups, each consisting of 4 yuvatis, visited a total of 122 villages. During the vicharan they conducted a total of 122 mahila assemblies and 61 balika assemblies attended by more than 6,700 women and more than 1,500 balikas. The yuvatis also conducted 54 assemblies in schools in which 7,634 students participated.

In the early evening, the yuvatis also organized a Bhakti Feri in each village, in which 5,307 devotees took part. They personally visited 2,674 homes, inspiring many young and adult women devotees to perform daily puja, conduct ghar sabha, attend the weekly satsang assemblies, visit the mandir for darshan, daily read from the Vachanamrut and Swamini Vatu, observe a fast on ekadashi, bow down to their parents, give Satsang exams and engage in other spiritual activities.

By meeting the devotees personally, the yuvatis were also inspired by how many women devotees observe their niyams, and their dedication, devotion, faith and loyalty to the Sanstha.


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