An introductory seminar exploring the science and faith behind ‘garbha sanskars’ was held at The Swaminarayan School in London on Saturday 12 May 2018.
Titled ‘Roots to Results’, the seminar educated more than 130 expectant and hoping-to-be young parents on how to foster a happy and healthy pregnancy and to create a holistically conducive environment for their garbha (foetus).
The seminar was the first of its kind to be organised by volunteers of BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, London, and included contributions from senior and learned swamis as well as qualified medical professionals.
Sadguru Pujya Doctor Swami (Swayamprakash Swami) imparted his words of spiritual wisdom from India via a video recording, while Manoharmurti Swami spoke of Hindu teachings from the scriptures and drew upon several illustrious examples. Families supported the talks by sharing personal experiences of positive outcomes from their own religious practices during pregnancy.
Practical demonstrations of some developmental techniques followed thereafter, where the delegates were able to observe and participate.
Medical professionals elaborated on recent scientific research and evidence supporting some of the benefits of garbha sanskars. Experts also emphasised ‘sattvik’ (spiritually wholesome) nutrition and exercise during pregnancy as an essential aspect of the pre-natal regimen.
Several delegates shared very positive feedback on the content and delivery of the seminar. One expectant mother wrote: “Thank you so much for such an eye-opening seminar. It was particularly useful to me as I am currently pregnant. The wealth of information will help me give my child the ideal preparations before it is born.” Another couple added, “Fantastic seminar with a good variety of information and mix of theory and practical advice which will be invaluable for us.”

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