Dradh Priti, intense love, has been the main focus of the National Summer Camp focusing on shastras, siddhant, sanstha, and satpurush. This year's BAPS North American Summer Camp for Kishore and Kishoris  was intended to get this message instilled through a five–day summer camp held at BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Los Angeles, California between June 28 - July 03. To strengthen the bond with their Guru, His Holiness Pramukh Swami Maharaj.

After four years of rigorous leadership training program, which consists of the delegates academics, niyam dharma, Satsang knowledge, and personal statements, all trainees in their last year were selected to attend this summer camp. Most of the scheduling was to appeal the youths. There were sessions, group discussions, workshops, and lecture style presentations to help each delegate understand the messages of the camp and gain knowledge about their roots.

The five - day camp consisted of two travel days, two days of classroom sessions along with sports, one on ones, and other activities, and two days of adventurous outings. In the classrooms, the concept of dradh priti: shastras, siddhant, sanstha, and satpurush were discussed. In each of these classrooms, the delegates were able to dig deep in each concept and see how it pertains to their own life. There were two outings one to Zuma Beach and the other to Los Liones for a long hike where each delegate got an opportunity to spend quality time with each other and get to know one another. To cap it all off on the last night there was a gala dinner where all the messages were recapped, and a take home message was delivered by swamis.

All of the attendees whether they were on the verge of entering high school or college had an unforgettable experience. Each delegate had the privilege to enjoy time with swamis, volunteers, and peers. By spending time with those that are on the same spiritual as one another, each delegate was able to start their new chapter in life while staying firm in their faith and spirituality. There were new friendships created, new experiences, and now they have each other to motivate one another as each one goes off to a new environment to pursue their goals.


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