A one day shibir was held across Australia and New Zealand (Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide and Auckland) in the month of July and August. Yuvaks and yuvatis gathered at their respective centers for a day-long shibir based on the theme "Kahat hai sant Sujan".

The aim of the shibir was to help yuvaks and yuvatis understand and imbibe in their life Pramukh Swami Maharaj’s life principles and preachings.

Revered sadhus spoke at length on the importance of following Satpurush’s commands. Through various mediums like presentations, speeches and videos the participants gained a better understanding of "Agna", "Nishchay" and "Kusang". At the end of the shibir all participants were given Vachnamurat and Swaminarayan Vato scripture as smruti bhet. The participants pledged to religiously read, understand and practice the commands mentioned in these scriptures.

At the end the participants departed with renewed confidence to follow “Agna”, greater knowledge to imbibe "Nishchay" and stay away from "Kusang" while practicing "Yogi No Marg”.

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