Between 21 and 29 September, as part of the six-month Yuva Talim Kendra course, 184 youth trainees, in 45 groups, visited a total of 398 towns and villages in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan to encourage devotees to sincerely practice satsang. The youths motivated devotees to daily perform personal puja, mandir darshan, scripture reading, ghar sabha, a fast on ekadashi and to attend the weekly satsang assembly.
Collectively, the youths conducted 398 satsang assemblies, which over 30,000 devotees attended, and 148 bal sabhas, which over 42,900 children attended. In addition, around 10,000 devotees participated in the evening devotional processions through their villages. Around 3,000 people also pledged to give up their addictions after the youths explained the ill-effects of addictions and the advantages of living without vices.
Through this activity, the youths gained a practical insight into the daily satsang life of devotees.

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