The birth celebrations of Brahmaswarup Yogiji Maharaj were joyously celebrated at BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, London on the evening of Friday 15 May, and again on Saturday 16 May 2015.

The evening assembly on 15 May, the actual date of Yogiji Maharaj’s birth according to the Hindu calendar, began with devotional songs depicting the divine personality and life of Yogiji Maharaj.

Sadhus explored some of the spiritual teachings and prayers encapsulated in the Yogi Gita, and described touching accounts of Yogiji Maharaj’s love and affection for one and all.

Yogiji Maharaj’s birthday was also celebrated on Saturday 16 May 2015 with an enlightening programme of bhajans, spiritual discourses and video presentations elucidating the seven principles of an ideal devotee outlined by Yogiji Maharaj in the Yogi Gita.

After a melodious opening to the celebrations with singing by a chorus of children, the theme was introduced through a video presentation.

Visiting sadhus from India then spoke in detail on the seven topics, i.e. humility, avoiding gossip, seeing the virtues of others, realising one’s faults, forgiveness, unity, and developing a deep passion for spiritual discourses.

The speeches were interspersed with videos and lively bhajans supporting the theme eloquently sung by youths.

Following a welcome and introduction of the visiting sadhus, Satyavrat Swami summarised the seven principles and encouraged everyone present to imbibe the essence of Yogiji Maharaj’s teachings to experience lasting stability and happiness in life.

The celebrations concluded with a video recording of Pramukh Swami Maharaj’s blessings during Yogi Jayanti celebrated in his presence in London in 1988, which brought back cherished memories for many devotees gathered in the assembly hall.

The birth celebrations of Brahmaswarup Yogiji Maharaj were also celebrated by the Mahila wing at BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, London, on the evening of Saturday 30 May 2015.

Themed around Yogiji Maharaj and his favoured place, the Gondal Akshar deri, celebrations began with children eloquently singing vedic mahapuja verses. The spiritually charged evening then progressed with youths enacting a series of miraculous incidences that occurred at the Akshar Deri at Yogiji Maharaj’s behest, highlighting the power of both as well as the lasting positive effect that Yogiji Maharaj imprinted on the hearts of his devotees.

Embedded within the skit that followed, which depicted the spread of satsang abroad, was a familiar video rekindling fond memories of Yogiji Maharaj in Islington consecrating the murtis of the first BAPS temple in the UK.

Focusing on the key message of the evening, a senior mahila delivered a speech emphasising the necessity of realising the Satpurush as divine.

Following a colourful and lively dance to the popular bhajan, ‘Yogi avo te rang mane shid lagadyo’, the festivity culminated with a video recording of Swamishri’s blessings. 

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