A Satsang Reading Competition was organized across Gujarat in which youths participated in two groups based on age: 14-18 years – Nilkanth and 19-27 years – Sahajanand.
Youths in the Nilkanth group were tested on ‘Kishore Satsang Prarambha’ and youths in the Sahajanand group were tested on ‘Kishore Satsang Pravesh’.
The competition involved three parts: (a) written test (b) oral and (c) prasang narration (one for Nilkanth group and two for Sahajanand). Youths were ranked according to their total scores.
The competitions were held separately for yuvaks and yuvatis in two phases. First, on 31 May 2015, 6,650 yuvaks-yuvatis at 70 BAPS centers participated in the Kshetriya (Regional) competitions. Based on their performance, yuvaks and yuvatis from each region were selected to compete in the next phase. In the second phase, on 7 June 2015, 4,800 yuvaks-yuvatis competed at 28 centers in the Antar-Kshetriya (Inter-Regional) competitions.

The intra-regional and inter-regional events served to strengthen satsang knowledge amongst these youngsters while also keeping alive a healthy spirit of competition.

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