The BAPS Yogi Cup Basketball Tournament, held annually in different regions of North America, is an athletic competition between kishores (boys ages 14-22) that inspires teamwork and unity among BAPS youth. The Yogi Cup promotes the messages of samp (togetherness), suradbhav (solidarity), and ekta (oneness) – values cultivated by Yogiji Maharaj to bring the participants together.

The Yogi Cup blended teamwork and satsang concepts learned from the recent Adhiveshan as an overarching theme. Swamis and volunteers ensured that every aspect of the tournament related back to spiritual practice through activities, rules and guidelines of the competition, as well as morning and evening sessions that encouraged youths to incorporate satsang into their daily lives. Additionally, kishores also performed ahnik (daily) rituals together, such as puja, arti, and chesta during the event.

Not only was the tournament enjoyable for kishores as a friendly competition, it was also an opportunity for them to build lifelong memories with their peers from other mandirs. In many North American regions, individual mandirs and centers are spread far from each other, making annual events essential for connecting and engaging the region as a whole.

Pramukh Swami Maharaj continues to build on the vision set forth by his guru, Yogiji Maharaj, of encouraging youth to be involved in all aspects of the organization from volunteering their time to organizing weekly assemblies, annual camps, and retreats. Events like the Yogi Cup tournament create an environment for kishores to grow together in their pursuit of satsang. 

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