• The event organized by the BAPS community to honor Dr Kalam's lifetime achievements as a president, teacher and on his spiritual achievements was beyond words. The event was flawless and hats off to the countless hours the volunteers put together to come up with such an inspiration and informative event. The book is truly an inspiration to the youth and even my 8 year old has begun reading and learning from it with a lot of passion. Thank you so much to BAPS for organizing and honoring a great scientist, and even a much more great soul...Dr Kalam.


    Rena & Ritesh Patel
  • This is book is unique, it is purely written from the heart. You can see Dr. Kalam’s heart flowing with devotion, adoration, feelings of great love and affection, spiritual comradery with Pramukh Swami Maharaj. Dr. Kalam in this book saw Pramukh Swami transforming the world with his divinity, simplicity, spirituality, universality, and humility.

Dr. Kamlesh Lulla, PhD,  NASA Scientist


  • Dr. Kalam who inspired the nation and millions others by his simplicity, higher purpose in life, welfare of the people & the nation. I also became quite emotional as I heard him saying, how H.H. Pramukhswamiji and numerous meeting they had during which they shared their vision for the poor inspired him. I have been mulling over the happenings of the last Sunday and cannot help but bow my head with respect for the leadership, the vision and dedication of the younger generation for the Mandir. I will cherish the evening for years to come as a fond memory and keep my head high with pride that such Sanstha exists in my neighborhood.


With hundreds of thanks,


Purnima & Hemant Gajarawala



  • I heard a lot about Dr. Kalam during the week in Mumbai during my recent visit to India on Vivid Bharathi radio and on TV. Only missing part was how Dr. Kalam got connected to Shri Pramukh Swami. The last night’s program cleared that very much from my mind. I learned a lot and will read the book with more heart and mind. Pramukh Swami still has that amazing aura and eyes to reach one’s mind. Jai Swaminarayan


Ashok & Venu Gandhi


  • Thank you for including me in this very well put together program.  Having grown up here, I had no real appreciation for who Kalam really was, except that he was the 11th President of India.  This was heartwarming and very educational for me.


Joya Shukla 


  • Very good program today. Very well managed and good work by emcees. We had to leave around 6:15 for a wedding but the program was so engaging that couldn't leave until 6:50pm.  


Swapan Dhairyawan, Tresurer, IACCGH


  • Thank you for your invitation to an enlightening evening celebrating the life of Dr Kalam. I am thankful for reminding me of the important aspects of life. I enjoyed the evening, purchased several copies and distributed them to my family.  Thank you again for this wonderful journey



Harsha Naran




  • I stand lost for words to express my gratitude for the enormously divine experience of last evening. The flawless arrangements that are routine for BAPS, the excellent presentation about the two personalities, one Godly and the other a Super-human, of their convincing contrast and enviable similarities that complemented each other, were all a gift to all of us who attended. I remain humbled and blessed to have been one who was chosen to attend. My pranaams to all the organizers.



Venugopal Menon, Trustee, Meenaxi Temple 



  • On behalf of the Greater Houston Retailers Cooperative Association Inc. and the Ismaili Community, I would like to take this opportunity to thank BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Houston for the kind invitation and such a warm and hospitable welcome at the event.  Myself and the directors truly enjoyed all segments of the event and would like to commend you and your team on a well-organized event.


Thank you


Zulfikarali Maknojia, President, GHRA






  • Thank you Suresh for inviting us to the Transcendence inauguration. It was a very heart and soul touching presentation. I will stop by during the week to buy the book. It was a divine feeling in the hall! Thank you again from both of us.


Karim and Almas Walji



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