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As part of this year's Shastriji Maharaj Saardh Shatabdi celebrations, a five-day parayan was held at the BAPS Swaminaryan Mandir, Perth, Australia on the theme of “Likhitan Shashtri Yagnapurushdas.”

“Likhitan Shashtri Yagnapurushdas” is a compilation of historic letters written by Brahmaswarup Shastriji Maharaj and his sadhus. A large number of devotees and well-wishers attended the parayan, with Dhun, Prarthana and Kirtans being performed by sadhus. Through the elaboration of this text on the life and work of Shastriji Maharaj, attendees learnt about various virtues such as Agna, Upasana, Sadhbhav and Paksh and the hardships faced by Shastriji Maharaj in propagating Swaminarayan Akshar-Purushottam Upasana.

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