During the months of July, August and September, a three-day Mahila Parayan was celebrated in 235 centers. Nearly two hundred thousand women devotees gathered together across India and celebrated with cultural dances, inspiring skits and bhajans on the theme: "Agna, Sadbhav and Paksh".
The first day of the Parayan was focused on Agna, whereby the delegates learnt about Brahmaswarup Shastriji Maharaj's conviction in following niyams, the codes of conduct given in the Shikshapatri for householders and advantages of following agna and drawbacks one would face by not following agna. 
Shastriji Maharaj often used to say that to keep Maharaj – Swami’s Paksh is the highest level of Bhakti. On the second day of the parayan, discourses were delivered about developing Paksh of Bhagwan, the Gunatit Satpurush and the devotees. It was explained that keeping paksh includes being loyal to your faith and principles, with speeches on three types of paksh in Shastriji Maharaj's life: Sanstha no Paksh, Siddhant no Paksh and Haribhakta no Paksh.
Sadbhav is developing intense attachment towards Shriji Maharaj, His Param Ekantik Sadhu and His devotees. On the final day of the parayan, several discourses provided a deeper insight on how one should develop Sadbhav by having atmabuddhi and divyabhav towards the Satpurush. The parayan concluded with the discourse on “Prapti no kef” encouraging everyone to draw inspiration from Shastriji Maharaj’s life and to continually introspect on one’s spiritual progress throughout the year.

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