Centered around the theme, "My Mandir, My Home", over 4,000 children learned about a unique place dear to their hearts: Mandir. Held from June 12 to August 21, 2014 at BAPS Mandirs in Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Robbinsville, Los Angeles and Toronto, the convention provided a unique experience where delegates learned how a mandir helps develop their identity in a supportive environment, personalize their bhakti through rituals and satsang practices, and continues to strengthen their relationship with their guru His Holiness Pramukh Swami Maharaj.

Following the lives of three families and four children throughout the event, the performance mirrored difficult issues faced by the current generation. Through the characters, the children learned how to overcome their struggles and reflected on how the mandir is an integral part of that journey.

The children also gained insight into why the mandir is their home, and they should value, respect, and love it as their own homes. They learned how the mandir helps them strengthen their connection with Swamishri, and in turn, how that connection allows them to excel in life. In various sessions throughout the convention, the delegates delved deeper into ancient vedic rituals. 

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