In the winter season of 2012-2013, kishores across North America gathered to compete in the annual regional Yogi Cup Basketball Tournaments held in Miami, New Jersey, and Mississippi. With over 525 participants and 170 teams the three-day events helped the kishores to develop samp, suhradbhav and ekta.

This year's tournaments were highly anticipated. In fact, many kishores traveled upwards of 15 hours to arrive at the tournament site. On the first day,  participants registered and were given an introduction to the tournament including the rules. Thereafter a session was held detailing the theme of the tournament: samp, suhradbhav, and ekta. In Miami, Pujya Munitilak Swami said, “Back in Birmingham during our very first basketball tournament, we only had 8 teams, but today, in our eleventh year, we have 58 teams. The reason for this major increase is Samp.” Through various speeches and skits the participants learned about the importance Yogiji Maharaj and Pramukh Swami Maharaj have placed on samp, suhradbhav, and ekta and how it can better our daily lives. After this invigorating session, all the participants were prepared to begin the games with the message of samp fresh in their minds: “Together everyone achieves more.”

The Northeast tournament featured a mini games session that allowed for individuals to showcase their talents. Events included a three-point shootout and skills competition. As the tournament progressed, many freshmen got their first taste of the tournament while many experienced teams exemplified the their skills through past experience. All in all, everyone’s skills were constantly challenged to determine who was best in the regions. On the final day of competition in the Southeast, Sadguru Pujya Kothari Swami (Pujya Bhaktipriya Swami) graced the tournament and offered words of wisdom. He emphasized that even the greatest individuals have to practice in life in order to succeed.

The kishores bonded through basketball, but there was also time allotted for Satsang development. Kishores and Karyakars discussed various topics during their goshthis, sang along to live cheshta, and listened to discourses by revered Swamis. Overall, this year’s Yogi Cup Tournaments were huge successes and the kishores had a great time. They got to meet new and old faces from across the regions in the true spirit of samp, suhradbhav, and ekta.  

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