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On 9 April 2012, a Satsang Shibir and a Kishore-Kishori Shibir were held at BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Auckland, New Zealand, in the presence of Pujya Tyagvallabh Swami and other sadhus.

In the Satsang Shibir, themed ‘Pratigna’, Pujya Tyagvallabh Swami and sadhus delivered lectures on a variety of topics, including seva, tolerance, asmita and satsang reading. A group discussion on ‘vani vivek’ provided practical advice to the devotees on how to implement the lessons learnt in their personal and family lives. The shibir concluded with an insightful question-answer session with Pujya Tyagvallabh Swami on how to lead a life of service and spirituality.

All the devotees resolved to imbibe these principles in their daily lives in order to earn the blessings of guru Pramukh Swami Maharaj.

In the Kishore-Kishori Shibir, themed ‘Our Vachanamrut’, over 75 teenagers learnt about the basics of the Vachanamrut, the main shastra of the Swaminarayan Sampradaya.

The shibir educated the kishores and kishoris about the spiritual focus of the Vachanamrut and how, as teenagers, they can implement its concepts in their daily lives. Through lectures and group activities, the sadhus helped the youths learn the basics of the Vachanamrut. During a question-answer session Pujya Tyagvallabh Swami provided practical guidance on how to properly read the Vachanamrut.

The kishores and kishoris pledged to regularly read the Vachanamrut and apply its teachings in their daily lives.

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