Love and affection are essential elements of life which are symbolized through thoughtful and loving expressions.

When one finds a soul who can express this unconditionally to all no matter their age or background-well, then such affection enters a whole new realm. This ideal was explored at BAPS Mandirs across North America during His Holiness Pramukh Swami Maharaj's 90th birthday celebrations. The theme centered around “Evo tãro sneha chhe amit,” which highlighted Swamishri’s limitless love for all.

The message was delivered through an enchanting program comprising skits, video presentations, panel discussions and testimonies about Swamishri’s affection for all.

A video-voice-over introduced the theme to the audience which seamlessly transitioned into a traditional dance marking the entrance of Bhagwan Swaminarayan & Gunatitanand Swami into the sabha. As the children and youth welcomed Swamishri into the sabha, the audience watched mesmerizing video clips of Swamishri.
A panel discussion featured individuals who shared their personal experiences with Swamishri. They recalled inspirational incidents on how Swamishri guided them on balancing work, family, and spirituality in their lives.

The next two segments highlighted Swamishri’s oneness and spiritual engagement with children and youth. The teenagers performed an illuminating skit illustrating how Swamishri helps them navigate the most tumultuous years of their life and build a life of character in the midst of tremendous peer pressure. The children recalled moving prasangs, depicting Swamishri’s loving nature, forgiving heart, and infinite care and concern for children. Excited children of all ages participated in a joyous dance expressing their love for Swamishri.

Pujya Santo concluded the program with a speech describing Pramukh Swami Maharaj’s limitless love. His love has comforted, consoled, guided, and brought endless happiness to millions around the world.

The finale linked the audience members and Swamishri with a string, signifying that everyone – whether he or she is a balak, kishore, yuvak, or vadil – is connected to Swamishri through his immense love.

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