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This year, Param Pujya Pramukh Swami Maharaj graciously sent scholarly saints such as Pujya Shrutiprakash Swami, Pujya Satyaprakash Swami, Pujya Purnaprakash Swami, and Pujya Vivekmuni Swami, for the benefit of Satsang in North America. The saints gave labh in 18 organized shibirs in 6 different regions.

The central theme of the shibirs was "Sanskruti" as defined by not only Hindu culture and pride, but also defined by their spiritual foundation; shastra, mandir, and sant. In order to cultivate the theme, Pujya Saints gave their guidance in topics such as par-atma gnan, atma gnan, samp, seva, Hinduism, and Hindus.

On the first day, the participants affirmed Purna Purushottam Bhagwan Swaminarayan as sarvopari and swaroop-nishta in the Gunatit Guru Parampara. Participants then learned about Pramukh Swami Maharaj's life and work today. Pujya Santo acquainted the participants to the necessity of samp, causes of samp being broken, and efforts of our Guru Parampara to preserve samp in Satsang.

On the second day, Pujya Santo acquainted the participants to the past, present, and future of Hinduism. Reasons for Hinduism's longevity were highlighted including its tolerance and embracing of all. The importance of reading and daily puja was also stressed.

Pujya Santo answered various questions haribhakto encounter in life regarding their understanding of upasana. In addition, dilemmas faced in personal Satsang, Satsang understanding, and impediments in Satsang were also resolved by Pujya Santo. To offer practical guidance, workshops were organized. The purpose of this workshop was to cultivate divyabhav for fellow haribhakto. To develop these qualities, participants introspected and learned how they can imbibe these qualities in their lives.

Throughout the shibir, audio and video presentations were also utilized to maintain the continuity of the theme. 

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