Every two or three years, an adhiveshan is held for men and women volunteers of the satsang, yuvak and mahila wings involved in satsang activities.

This year's adhiveshan was held in two phases in May and June. In addition to the compulsory mukhpath section in which basic verses and information had to be memorized, competitions were held in the following categories:

1. Nirupan: Volunteers had to prepare explanations of selected Vachanamrut and Swamini Vatos and a speech on a given topic.
2. Pragat Charitramrut: Volunteers had to narrate incidents from the life of Pramukh Swami Maharaj highlighting one of his virtues.
3. Gnanvardhak Prashnottari: Based a pre-deined set of information, volunteers took a 30-minute MCQ exam.

The first phase of the adhiveshan was held on 1 May 2005 in which 17,313 (9,795 men and 7,518 women) from 179 regions participated. The participants included centrally registered volunteers, as well as, locally registered sampark and utsahi volunteers.

The second inter-regional phase on 5 June 2005 involved only centrally registered volunteers. It was held in 18 different locations, where volunteers of different regions competed. At each location, the number of regions competing ranged from 6 to 12. A total of 9,581 (5,042 men and 4,539 women) participated.

In both phases, the competitions were judged by sadhus and experienced senior devotees. Prizes were awarded to participants who achieved scores in the first, second and third class ranges, as decided by the judges.

Through this adhiveshan, all the volunteers were able to consolidate their basic knowledge of satsang principles and develop their oratory skills.

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