The worst affected regions in India were the Andaman & Nicobar Islands situated roughly 1400 km from Kolkata in the Indian Ocean. The BAPS centre in Kolkata immediately began relief operations for victims in the Andamans. A BAPS survey team was quickly stationed at Port Blair to coordinate relief work with the Honourable Lieutenant Governor of the Andamans, Mr. Ram Kapse, and the Deputy Commissioner, Mr. Gyanesh Bharathi. Thousands of survivors were displaced, distressed and depressed. BAPS, working with the Hon. Lt. Governor sent volunteers and precise relief materials by sea and air that were required at Port Blair.

Help by BAPS
Volunteers: 20 volunteers were deployed at the Andaman & Nicobar Islands.
Appointed by: The Honourable Lieutenant Governor of the Andamans.

Areas Helped by BAPS: Relief Camps at port Blair
Most of the survivors from the islands of Car Nicobar, Hutbay, Katchal, Nancwory, Terassa, Chowra, Cambelbay and more were evacuated to Port Blair and accommodated in relief camps. BAPS volunteers visited all the camps and provided relief to roughly 25 relief camps in the following areas:
Badmash Pahar, Bhatu Basti, Chouldhari, Dandes Point, Haathi Tapu, Jungli Ghat, Lal Pahar, Lokenath Pahar, Mithikhari, Ograbraj, Port Blair, Teligu Basti and Wandoor

Medical Assistance
Medicines Provided
As per the list of requirements faxed directly to BAPS centre in Kolkata by the Deputy Commissioner, Mr. Gyanesh Bharathi, medicines were immediately sent to Port Blair. The medicines (listed below) were handed over to the Andaman & Nicobar Government Health Services which in turn were distributed to government-run medical camps operating on various islands.

Item Description
Rehydration powder 11,000 packets
Water Purification 60,000 tablets
Anti-Malaria 55,000 tablets & 1,000 injections
Anti-Depression 40,200 tablets
Anti-Diarrhoea 16,600 tablets
Anti-Vomiting 6,000 tablets & 1,000 injections
Paracetamol 10,000 tablets
Antibiotics 400 injections
Operation Purpose 2,000 injections
Mineral boosting 300 injections
Saline injections 800 injections
Urinary tract infections 1,000 injections
Painkillers 1,000 injections
Sterile Water 900 injections
Disposable syringes & needles 9,400 sets
Antiseptic Cream 1,920 tubes

Medical Camps Organised
BAPS, with the help of local doctors and medical specialists, organised 3 medical check-up camps in relief camps at Port Blair.

Drinking Water
The entire fresh water reservoirs at Port Blair were completely contaminated by sea water. The main water pipes were damaged. There was no fresh drinking water anywhere. BAPS immediately shipped 30,000 pouches of mineral water from Kolkata to Port Blair.

Although food was not really a problem due to relief kitchens operated by the Indian Army, BAPS volunteers were concerned for children’s health affected by this tragedy. As a result, BAPS shipped 1,300 packets of glucose biscuits.

Educational Assistance
The devastated islands had been evacuated. Men, women and children were accommodated in relief camps at Port Blair. There was an urgent need to restart some educational activities in order to help children overcome the shock of the disaster. However, there was a lack in infrastructure, namely, classrooms, writing utensils and notebooks. BAPS, recognising this urgent need, directly transported 800 notebooks and pens to Port Blair by air from its centre in Kolkata.

Household Materials
BAPS was closely monitoring the day to day situation on the ground at Port Blair and especially the relief camps. As per the needs of the island’s victims located in camps, BAPS shipped the following items for distribution:

Item Description
Blankets 1,100
Plastic Buckets 500
Plastic bowls 500
Plastic glasses 500
Torches with cells 1,000
Toilet Soap bars 3,000
Washing Soap bars 1,100
Detergent Powder 1,000 kg
Tooth Powder 2,040 bottles
Hair Oil 3,600 bottles
Talcum Powder 2,160 bottles
Balm 1,972 packets
Utensil Sets 350

In total, 1,700 families benefited from the materials distributed.


Item Description
Girls’ frocks 1,000
Ladies’ Dresses 800
Sarees 500
Lungis 500
Assorted (for male & female) 3 tonnes

Counselling & Restoring Dignity
A large number of the Andaman and Nicobar islands have been completely devastated by the tsunami. Most of the islanders have been evacuated to relief camps at Port Blair. Over 40,000 survivors are displaced, distressed and depressed. The emotional trauma is enormous.
Apart from providing physical aid, BAPS volunteers have personally interacted one to one with the victims. They have given them solace and have tried to fulfil their basic needs as quickly as possible.

Clean Up Assistance
With so much destruction, the job of cleaning up the debris is enormous. By special request from the Deputy Commissioner of the Andamans, BAPS provided the following items:

Item Description
Hand Gloves 750 pairs
Mouth masks 11,000 pieces

Apart from the Chennai and Kolkata centres, BAPS volunteers in the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Africa are actively involved in spreading awareness and collecting aid for the victims.

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