With Swamishri's blessings, Pujya Mahant Swami, Atmatrupt Swami, Kamalnayan Swami and Mangaljivan Swami completed an extensive and exhausting 243-day Satsang tour of USA, Canada, Pacific and Far East countries. They set off from India on 6-6-2002 and after a brief stay in London, arrived in America on 10-6-2002. During their 190-day stay in North America, Pujya Mahant Swami and the sadhus, together with the resident sadhus based in different regions, presided over 24 shibirs catering for different age groups.

The theme of these shibirs was 'Malana Manka' - Beads of the Rosary. Through a variety of audio-visual media, devotees were inspired to strengthen and deepen their understanding and observance of Satsang principles. A special 5-day shibir was held at Abonville in the Catskill Mountain for Bal-Balika and Kishore-Kishori Karyakars. They received valuable and inspiring guidance on how to carry out their duties effectively and practice the principles of satsang in their daily lives. In addition, regional shibirs for kishores and kishoris were held based on the theme 'Earn It.' Through these shibirs, they were guided on how to secure Swamishri's blessings.

Also, regional shibirs for balaks and balikas were held. The theme 'Mandir - Inside, Out' focused on how they can live to make their homes into mandirs and the mandirs into their homes. There was also a special shibir for youths.

In addition to the shibirs, 170 satsang assemblies, 75 public assemblies, 15 assemblies for invited guests and 56 medico-spiritual conferences were held. Murtis, previously sanctified by Swamishri, were inaugurated by Mahant Swami at mandirs in Columbus, Lowell, Atlantic City, Cherry Hill, Cashan and El Dorado.

He also performed the ground-breaking ceremony for the new mandirs at Austin, Dallas, Little Rock, Tampa and Perry, and laid the first sculpted stone in place for the new shikharbaddh mandir at Houston.

Then on 16-12-2002, Pujya Mahant Swami, and his team of three sadhus were joined by Gnanpurush Swami and Haridarshan Swami for the 44-day Satsang tour to New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong. Through satsang and public assemblies and home visits, the devotees were inspired to strengthen their practice of satsang.
Finally, on 4-2-2003, Pujya Mahant and his team returned to India.

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