Monday,17th March 2003 marked the birthday anniversary of Brahmaswarup Pragji Bhagat. It was also the day of Holi. In the ground adjoining the Mandir, the sacred fire was lit. Some 500 people visited the mandir to celebrate the occasion and offer Holi pujan.

Next day, 18th March 2003, marked the Fuldol utsav. Darshan of Shriji Maharaj holding the water spray nozzle (pichkari) in His hand was a remarkable feature of Maharaj's darshan. Arrangements were made with electric water pump and flexible tubes to experience the water spray. This depicted the scene with a greater spirituality and made darshan a truly unique experience.

The following Sunday, on 23rd March 2003, the Pushpadolotsav samaiyo was held in the weekly assembly. Amidst an environment of green plants and lighting, the stage was beautifully decorated with the Utsav Murti of Shriji Maharaj swinging in the decorated hindolo. Guruhari Pramukh Swami Maharaj's murti was also swinging in the decorated hindolo. The discourses on the nirupan of 'Mahabalvant maya tamari..', the fagwa-prarthana, and the importance of the Holi festival along with some memorable incidents from the life of Brahmaswarup Pragji Bhagat were given.

The climax of the utsav was the grand kirtan aradhana performed by the Yuvak Mandal with various musical instruments. The last bhajan 'Vadtal gam fulvaadiye ...' with devotees dancing on the stage made some 400 people swing in a joyous mood. This was followed by arti and mahaprasad.

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