December 13, 2003

For the first time in North America BAPS history, each Mahila wing across the nation celebrated Swamishri's Janma Jayanti. The Kishori Mandal of the Southwest Region consisting of Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio spent months putting together a 3 hour program highlighting Swamishri's life and mission. The program began with questions posed to the audience. Who is our Guru? What is his mission? What should be our mission? The questions were answered through various video / multimedia presentions, dramas, speeches, parayans, and dances. The audience also had an opportunity to test their knowledge in the form of a very informative and fun filled interactive quiz.

For the first time, the North America Balikas and Kishoris had an opportunity to sing to the same melody, dance to the same tune, speak the same words, act the same scenarios. With one voice, one message they each showed their gratitude, devotion, and dedication to beloved Swamishri. The Northeast Mahila Mandal celebrated Swamishri's Janma Jayanti with much fanfare at New York Mandir on December 13th , 2003. Balikas and Kishoris from Clifton, Edison, Jersey City, New York, and Westchester came together to offer their deepest devotion for Swamishri. Balikas, Kishoris, Yuvatis and Mahilas had an opportunity to learn more about their Guru through the 3 hour program. The Balikas and Kishoris of the region spent over a month preparing for the program even though many were in the midst of finals examinations. It was evident to all those that attended the event the amount of love and devotion the Balikas and Kishoris have for their Guru.

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