Every year, special training shibirs are held for the dedicated senior men and women volunteers of BAPS. This time, 8278 volunteers representing 163 regions participated in a total of 14 shibirs conducted at various BAPS mandirs between 11-12-2003 and 11-1-2004.
This year, the shibir’s them was ‘Jivnu Jivan’. In his talks, Gunatitanand Swami reveals Maharaj’s four principles which form the ‘life of the soul’ – agna, upasana, affection for the Ekantik Sadhu and friendship with the devotees of God.

Through speeches by senior sadhus, discussions, question-answer sessions, audio-visual presentations, and practical sessions these four aspects were described and their relevance and practice in daily life was explained.

In addition to this inspiring spiritual guidance, the volunteers received training to improve efficiency and quality in the execution of their volunteer duties.
These shibirs were immensely successful in motivating the volunteers both to progress spiritually on a personal level and serve the society through their volunteer work. .

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