Pramukh Swami Maharaj’s 83rd Janma Jayanti Samaiyo was enjoyed & celebrated on the November 29th, 2003 at Charlotte, NC. It was the best samaiyo celebrated since 1996.

The Samaiyo commenced at 4:45 pm with Deep Pragatya. There was a Bang Presentation & Stuti on screen, followed with dhoon, prathana & kirtans. There was a puppet show which first started with Swagatam dance. The puppet show had 5 characters i.e., man with turban, 2 clowns, a big yellow bird & a gold fish. The show started with Bapa in the middle, & the puppet wearing a turban and the puppet clown came with a garland & put it around Bapa’s neck. Then there was Doha and “Rasio raas rame”. There were kids in the dance and also a puppet wearing the turban. Each kid was handling 2 puppets. At the end all kids and other puppets came out of the puppet stage and every one applauded. It was the best attraction of the samaiyo. Excellent lightings were arranged during the puppet show. There were Multi Media presentations “Thay Chhe Jay Jay Kar”, “Dhanya Dhanya Ye Sant Suhan Ne”. Drama “Andhare Bhoot Bharyu” played by Kishor & Shishu mandal. Dance “Rudo Avasariyo Aganiye Avyo re” by Kishor, Bal & Shishu Mandal.. There was also a speech by Chief Guest Thakorbhai Topiwala, who is Crop Sanchalak for Hindu center for the past 22 years. He spoke about religion & children. Then was Swamishri’s arshiwad where He talked about sanskar of our children and duty of each parents. The whole celebration lasted 2 - ½ hours.

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