The auspicious birthdays of Lord Swaminarayan and Lord Ram were celebrated by Edison, Jersey City, Clifton, and Philadelphia satsang mandals by presenting various types of programs throughout the day. In the morning, devotees presented the life of Lord Swaminarayan from scriptures such as Vachanamrut, Bhaktachintamani, Harililamrut, and Shreeji Charitra Vihar. Also, an audio recording with the voice of Pramukh Swami Maharaj was played while the devotees chanted the name of Lord Swaminarayan with rosary in hand. Youths of BAPS were dressed in traditional Kathiyavadi attire and presented kirtans that described Lord Swaminarayan's extraordinary work. The audience was so stunned and amazed that no one knew where the time had passed.

On this day, an exhibition presenting the sacrifices made by the staunchest devotees of Lord Swaminarayan was inaugurated by Pujya Yagnavallabh Swami by lighting divo (small holy candle). Also in the afternoon, there was a program for Mahapuja (vedic prayer).

The evening congregation was extraordinary and became a highlight of the full day celebration. After a speech on the discipline and greatness of Lord Ram, devotional songs describing the glory of both Lord Swaminarayan and Lord Ram were sung. A program on which children and youth of BAPS were working on for weeks, "Mala na Manaka", was presented.

In this program balaks and kishores presented traditional dances and skits representing the firm conviction and true devotion of great devotees in Lord Swaminarayan's time. This program was so well presented that the audience felt that they were in fact two hundred years in the past with Lord Swaminarayan. Each and every youth on stage had also performed nirjala (type of penance that involves no eating or drinking even water the whole day). Yet everyone performed with great energy and enthusiasm. The temple hall was decorated with great pomp and valor due to the efforts of the Balika and Kishori mandal and they also created an marvelous exhibition illustrating the theme of the celebration In this program, a few dignitaries such as the New Jersey Union Township Assemblyman Joseph Cryan and New Jersey Assemblyman Upendra Shivkula were also present. New York and New Jersey State's 7-Eleven franchise owner Michael and Yashwant Patel were present and gave monetary contribution for relief work done by the BAPS organization. Also present in the assembly were FIA president Albert Jasani, Indian Express' CEO Sunil Holi and COO Nayan Pathari. Local radio station's, 1680 AM, CEO Arvind Agrawal and Program Director Anand Kulraj pledged 60 minutes of radio time to BAPS every morning on 1680 AM.

At the end of the program, the saints and devotees performed ritual aarti of Lord Swaminarayan and Lord Ram and offered devotion. After dinner in the final congregation, children and youth sang festive devotional songs. The congregation ended at 10:10 pm, the birth time of Lord Swaminarayan, and saints and devotees performed a final birthday aarti.

Four weeks prior to Lord Swaminarayan's birthday, various activities took place in Bal Mandal. Children read some stories from Ghanshyam Charitra and Nilkanth Charitra (books describing Lord Swaminarayan's childhood and youth) and made drawings from them. Little children colored in pictures from a Lord Swaminarayan coloring book. These activities lead the children to have increased devotion towards Lord Swaminarayan and also encouraged them to understand and adore their culture.

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