Village Shrijinagar, Ta. Mandvi, Dist. Kachchh
Inspired by : HDH Pramukh Swami Maharaj.
Adopted by : BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha
Sponsored by : Community of South Africa and Shri Bhavnagar Nagarik Sahakari Bank Ltd.
Dedication Ceremony on 25 May 2002


There are 30 houses for 30 families. The village is well electrified but does not have adequate communication facilities. The size of the agricultural fields is small. Moreover, repeated droughts and water scarcity makes life difficult for man and animal alike. This village has more than hundred milk-yielding animals which were gradually dying because of the above reasons.
At this critical juncture, BAPS saints came to the rescue of the village two years back and offered two quintals of cattle fodder on a daily basis, a practice which continues even today.
The 2001 earthquake razed the entire village to the ground and the villagers had only one hope to rebuild their broken world and homes - BAPS. BAPS, as usual accepted the responsibility with graceful dedication, and have returned more than what was asked for and a new village SHRIJINAGAR was born to rehabilitate the affected people of Nani Mau.

Details of Shrijinagar :
Shrijinagar: 55 kms from Bhuj, towards Mandvi.
Population: 30 Houses with 150 affected people.

Composition Of Population :


Most of them are illiterate and their major occupation is agriculture and livestock. It is worth noting that most villagers abstain from smoking and liquor after their association with BAPS saints.


Main Crops :
Groundnut, Wheat, Bajri, Castor, Cotton, Vegetables and Banana.

Fact Sheet - Construction

Total Land Area 4.5 Acres
Total Court Yards 4
Total Houses 30 : Type A: 01, Type B: 10 Type C: 19
Main and Side Road 325 Mts.

Fact Sheet - Timeline
Foundation Ceremony 30 June 2001 Allocation of land and governmental procedures took some time. No sooner land for the new village was allotted, Bhumi pujan was performed on 30.06.2001.
Construction Work Started August 2001
Dedication Ceremony 25 May 2002


Fact Sheet - 30 Houses

Plot 16 m. x 25 m. = 400 sq. m. 12 Mt. x 20 Mt. = 250 sq. m. 100 sq. m.
Built up 54.08 sq. m. 43.20 sq. m.  
Actual 50.00 sq. m. 43.20 sq. m. 30.00 sq. m.
Front 7.20 m. 7.20 m.  
Sides 9.20 m. & 6.0 m. 6.00 m.  
Accommodation 3 rooms, kitchen, toilet, veranda 2 rooms, kitchen, toilet, veranda 2 rooms, toilet, veranda
Total Houses 1 10 19


Additional Insfrastructural Amenities in Gunatitpur
1) Main Entrance Gate

  • It is 24' high and 31' wide and is visible from a great distance. It open-heartedly welcomes all visitors. It has two large donation plaques in black granite with gold-leafed letters, one in Gujarati and another in English which gives information about the village, the Inspirer, the sponsors, inauguration and other data.


2) Panchayat Complex

  • It houses a Panchayat Ghar to attend to Panchayat, Government and other administrative work related to Shrijinagar.


3) Primary Health Centre

  • It is situated in the Panchayat Complex and caters to the medical needs of the villagers.


4) School

  • The primary school consists of two rooms and a playground.


5) Socio Spiritual Cultural Centre

  • This 5000 sq. ft. complex will help to serve various religious and spiritual needs of the village for festivals, celebrations and annual rituals as well as religious functions.


6) Temple for Momai Mata

  • Majority of the villagers are of the Jadeja clan whose Kuldevi (family diety) is Momai Mata. Hence, a temple is built for her worship.


7) Water & Sanitation

  • All 30 houses are well-connected with an extensive network of pipelines for water and sewage. The village has an overhead tank of 10,000 liters capacity situated on a small hill top which ensures adequate pressure while distribution of water. Water is available in plenty all round the clock.


8) Roads

  • The village has 325 meters of pucca surfaced roads. The main road from the entrance gate is well connected with side roads connecting the four courtyards to the entire village.


9) Afforestation

  • Tree saplings are planted at a regular distance of 10' along the roads. Every house has a minimum of twelve trees which can help to maintain the temperature of the place and also provide serenity to the mind.

10) Electricity & Street lights

  • Each house is equipped with adequate electrical fittings, fans and fluorescent lights. The main road and all side roads are provided with streetlights.


11) Chabutaro (square for feeding birds)

  • The traditional Chabutaro is also there for the bird loving people of Shrijinagar to feed birds.

Shrijinagar Map

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