Comprehensive report on BAPS Rehabilitation work till date.
1 An Executive Summary 7 Villages & Colonies
2 Introduction 8 Personnel
3 Rescue & Relief 9 Medical Help
4 Details Of Relief Material Distributed 10 Special Services Rendered
5 Food Camps 11 Schools
6 Rehabilitation    
On 9 January 2002, during the main Swaminarayan Mahamantra Bicentenary assembly, Pramukh Swami Maharaj presented a wooden model house to the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Narendra Modi, to symbolize the transfer of the villages and schools rebuilt by BAPS to the Government of Gujarat.

Volunteers helping preparing vegetables 

An Executive Summary

  • Relief Camps served hot meals to over 40,000 people every day for the first 45 days
  • 60 sadhus and 450 volunteers on site and a Support Team of 6500 volunteers.
  • More than 409 remote villages covered in relief material distribution.
  • 655 tin houses built in Bhuj and Khavda - housing a total of 3,300 people.
  • Served 45,000 patients through 4 Mobile Medical Vans which continuously traverse the affected area and at a well-equipped medical center in Bhuj.
  • Economic Rehabilitation in progress - more than 1,000 families given means of livelihood. A total of 250 temporary shops and 40 permanent shops already handed over.
  • Special care of 100 Muslim and 88 Harijan families.
  • BAPS is now rebuilding 1529 houses in 9 villages & colonies.
  • 43 Schools are being built with 321 classrooms to accommodate thousands of students.
  • Construction is in progress, with 35 architects & engineers supervising 1100 workers.

Following the devastating earthquake on 26th January 2001 in Gujarat, India, which killed thousands and wounded and crippled over 150,000, the BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha, an international socio-spiritual organization with over 8,100 centers and 45,000 volunteers, moved in with immediate help. Disaster Management is one of the 160 humanitarian activities of BAPS, which include medical, educational, social, moral, spiritual and cultural activities.

Rescue & Relief
Within hours, BAPS was directly involved in rescue, relief and rehabilitation. Initially rescuing survivors, BAPS volunteers cremated hundreds of bodies of the unfortunate victims. Through a team of 60 sadhus and 450 volunteers on site and a support team of 6500 volunteers, relief camps were set up which provided food and shelter along with socio- psycho-spiritual rehabilitation. BAPS distributed clothes, utensils, and essential relief supplies to the affected people in more than 409 remote villages.

Essentials being distributed by volunteers and sadhus at BAPS Base Camp at Bhuj 

Details Of Relief Material Distributed

No Description Quantity
1 Tarpaulin 20,743 sheets
2 Tents 6,315
3 Food Packets 878,299
4 Sukhdi (Energy Bar) 193,106 kg
5 Water pouches 1,404,815
6 Biscuits 916,720 packets
7 Bread 66,109 loaves
8 Milk powder 24,933 kg
9 Sugar 88,919 kg
10 Tea 7,799 kg
11 Gor 26,416 kg
12 Rice 232,405 kg
13 Wheat flour 248,712 kg
14 Total Grains 598,343 kg
15 Green Vegetables & Fruits 210,935 kg
16 Blankets 68,418
17 Clothing 179,870 articles
18 Diesel / Kerosene 16,670 liters
19 Primus Stoves 8,281
20 Candles 167,950
21 Cooking Oil 200 metric tons
22 School Kits - Notebooks 25,000

Freshly cooked hot meal,

Food Camps :
For the first 45 days, BAPS served hot meals to over 40,000 people daily at many places. Hot food was prepared everyday and served at the following camps

Food Camp for 45 days Food Camp for 15 days
Bhuj Gandhidham
Rapar Morbi
Khavda Bhadra
Bhachau Jamnagar
Anjar Surendranagar

Medical Help : In addition to the medical camps set up immediately after the tragedy, BAPS is still continuing with the services of its 4 Mobile Medical Vans, which have served more than 45,000 patients till date.

Special Services Rendered :
- In Soyla village, BAPS provided all facilities such as tents, clothes, foodgrains, utensils for the 100 Muslim families of the villlage. They were also given seeds and grass for their fields and cattle.

- In Dinara village, the 88 harijan families were given tents, food and clothing by BAPS.
- Many more such villages and groups were helped all over the affected area by BAPS.







To revive the livelihoods of the earthquake victims Swamishri distributes handcarts, sewing machines and instruments for goldsmiths and cobblers

BAPS has provided Temporary, Permanent and long term Economic rehabilitation programs.

Temporary Rehabilitation In less than a month, a Tin-Tent city of 655 well-ventilated tin houses and accompanying tents was set up with free electricity, running water and sanitation, in Bhuj and Khavda for more than 3,300 people.
Permanent Rehabilitation Villages & Colonies
  • BAPS has adopted 6 villages & 3 colonies, and has begun building 1,529 houses in these villages and colonies

Primary & Secondary Schools

  • All 43 schools are being reconstructed complete with furniture and electrical fittings.

House Repairs

  • In addition, BAPS is also providing financial and technical help for the repair of hundreds of houses, which were damaged, but do not need total reconstruction.
Long Term Economic Rehabilitation

As part of the economic rehabilitation program undertaken by BAPS,

  • A total of 250 temporary and 40 permanent shops have been handed over to people already.
  • Many home industries have been supported by giving appliances such as :
    • 230 handcarts and 50 cycle carts,
    • 125 sewing machines,
    • goldsmithy instruments to 250 goldsimths
    • 70 sets of carpentry implements
    • 125 cobblers instruments

Current Status of Rehabilitation

Villages & Colonies:
BAPS has begun its rehabilitation campaign of rebuilding 1,529 houses in 6 villages and 3 colonies. In these villages, BAPS is rebuilding the full village to make it habitable. The structures, in addition to Houses, will include Roads, Electricity and Sanitation systems, Bal Mandir (Kindergarten), Primary School or Secondary School, Water Tank (with pipeline), Panchayat House, Temple, and in addition, on the basis of necessity, a Gaushala, Primary Health Center and Community Hall.


Village / Colony Number of Houses
1 Ukhadmora Village 88 88 construction completed with final stages of roofing and flooring.
2 Gunatitpur Village 112 112 construction completed with final stages of roofing and flooring.
3 Jiyapar Village 285 267 houses at lintel level, with 200 being plastered.
4 Nani Mau Village 31 31 construction completed with final stages of roofing and flooring.
5 Modhpar Village 292 Land acquisition was delayed - the land has just been handed over by the government. Construction work has begin.
6 Gariya Village 115 Land acquisition has been delayed, though the authorities are trying their best. The government has been requested to help speed up the process.
7 Kukma Colony 51 Land acquisition was delayed. Construction has just begun.
8 Khavda Colony 155 Land acquisition in progress.
9 Bhuj City - Colony 400 Land yet to be alloted - it will be alloted after the government finalises the master plan for a new Bhuj city.
  Total Houses : 1,529  

An experienced team of 35 BAPS architects, engineers and supervisors are providing the expertise for efficient construction. More than 1,100 workers are carrying on the work in full swing at the sites, under the able direction of sadhus.








321 classrooms in 43 schools, catering to thousands of students, being built by the BAPS are under construction, at various stages of completion.

Schools in Kachchh District


School Vllage Taluka District Number of Rooms
1 Primary School Nani Bhadai Mandvi Kachchhh 4
2 Boys & Girls School Moti Khodai Anjar Kachchhh 16
3 Boys Primary School Bharapur Bhuj Kachchhh 9
4 Primary School Khavda Bhuj Kachchhh 9
5 Primary School Gandhigram Mandvi Kachchhh 4
6 Primary School Mothada Abdaasa Kachchhh 4
7 Primary School Nani Dhrufi Abdaasa Kachchhh 4
8 Primary School Ravapar Lakhpat Kachchhh 16
9 Primary School Moti Bhadai Mandvi Kachchhh 5
10 Ibrahim Pabani Primary Girls School Mandvi Mandvi Kachchhh 9
11 Anjar Education Society Anjar Anjar Kachchhh 20
12 Primary School Ukhadmora Bhuj Kachchhh 3
13 Primary School Gunatitpur Bhachau Kachchhh 3
14 Primary School Nani Mau Mandvi Kachchhh 3
15 Anjar Primary School No. 1 Anjar Anjar Kachchhh 7
16 Anjar Primary School No. 2 Anjar Anjar Kachchhh 5
17 Anjar Primary School No. 7 Anjar Anjar Kachchhh 4
18 Anjar Primary School No. 9 Anjar Anjar Kachchhh 5
19 Anjar Primary School No. 11 Anjar Anjar Kachchhh 10
20 Anjar Primary Girls School No. 1 Anjar Anjar Kachchhh 6
21 Rabari Ashram School Anjar Anjar Kachchhh 10
22 Vivekanand Higher Secondary School Anjar Anjar Kachchhh 16
23 Ratadia Higher Secondary School Ratadia Mundra Kachchhh 16
24 Darbar Gadh Girls School Bhuj Bhuj Kachchhh 20
25 Patwadi School Bhuj Bhuj Kachchhh 12
    Total Rooms :           220

Schools in Surendranagar & Rajkot district


School Vllage Taluka District Number of Rooms
1 Primary School Pandri Limdi Surendranagar 3
2 Primary School Mansar Halvad Surendranagar 2
3 Primary School Ganaad Lakhtar Surendranagar 7
4 Primary School Bhadreshi Wadhwan Surendranagar 8
5 Primary School Vana Lakhtar Surendranagar 9
6 Primary School Bhadiyad Wadhwan Surendranagar 3
7 Primary School Teekar Pay Center Halvad Surendranagar 16
8 Primary School Chalala Chuda Surendranagar 3
9 Primary School Acharda Chuda Surendranagar 3
10 Primary School Malod Wadhwan Surendranagar 4
11 Mojidad Girls School Mojidad Chuda Surendranagar 1
12 Ganjela High School Ganjela Dhrangadhra Surendranagar 8
13 Shri Khodu High School Khodu Wadhwan Surendranagar 8
14 Dedadra High School Dedadra Wadhwan Surendranagar 8
15 Primary Boy School Limli Wadhwan Surendranagar 8
16 Primary School (Shivnagar) Jeevapar Padadhari Rajkot 5
17 Primary School Bakarthali Wadhwan Surendranagar 5
  Total Rooms :       101


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