Satsang Tour of USA, UK & Africa,
May to December 2001

Between 20 May 2001 and 20 December 2001, Pujya Dr. Swami and a group of four sadhus - Brahmadarshan Swami, Rasikvihari Swami, Yoginandan Swami and Vishwaprakash Swami completed a very extensive and demanding Satsang Tour. Below is a brief summary of their hectic and activity-packed schedule.

* In 217 days, they travelled to 86 Satsang centres in 14 countries, travelling a total of 48,409 miles - of which 5,310 were by road.
* 14 shibirs, through which 7,700 selected karyakars were given in-depth knowledge of the Akshar Purushottam philosophy.
* 7 bal-balika shibirs trained over 1,600 children.
* 9 kishore-kishori shibirs trained over 1,480 youths.
* 8 mini-shibirs, held for upto 2 days each.
* Over 175 public assemblies, enlightening thousands.
* In addition, they conducted meetings with karyakars, parents, pujaris and many satsang assemblies

The enlightening and motivating discourses of Pujya Dr. Swami and the sadhus served to educate and inspire many and strengthened their resolve in the practice of Satsang in their daily lives.

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