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Kishore and Kishori Karyakars representing BAPS Centers from across North America came together for a unique experience on April 12 to the 15 at the BAPS Shree Swaminarayan Mandir in San Jose, California. In the presence of Yagnavallabh Swami and the North American Sant Mandal the Kishore-Kishori Karyakar Convention 2001, took place with great success exemplifying the theme of Think Different, Act Different, Act Divine. The theme has its roots in our Guru Pramukh Swami Maharaj’s perfect example of being able to act and communicate with kids and his ability to emulate his relationship with our younger generation as well as instilling Hindu values in this generation by serving as an ideal role model.

KarCon 2001 had 4 goals: Clarify a karyakars role by defining their personal Karyakar Mission. Initiate karyakar zeal and motivation to develop Karyakar Drive. Establish the importance of Satsang in our personal lives to develop Karyakar Content. Lastly, improve our existing skills to enhance our performance using Karyakar Tools.

The mediums used to convey these goals consisted of workshops, classroom, and general sessions. The workshops worked toward improving the various skills of a karyakar. Topics included the art of creativity, group discussions, and transforming matter into enjoyable, informative presentations. These workshops consisted of a brief lecture session and then a “hands-on” workshop designed to allow karyakars to practice their newly learned skills. Classroom sessions aimed at increasing personal stasang and karyakary drive and were presented by Pujya Santos. The KarCon delegates were discoursed on subject matter ranging from what it means to be a karyakar and developing karyakar zeal to importance of Niyam/Dharma and Pramukh Swami Maharaj as the ultimate karyakar. General sessions in the evenings provided a relaxing end to the days’ activities with the discussion of World Religions and a unique “Getting to Know You” session between all the Karyakars.

Karyakars who attended KarCon 2001 had an opportunity to meet new karyakars, learn from each other, and take the newly found energy from KarCon to their own respective centers. In order to spread the training received at this KarCon, attendees will hold similar mini-KarCons this summer within their respective regions and centers.  

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