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Over devotees gathered to celebrate the “Janmasthami and Patotsav Samaiyo” in the presence of pujya Santos. A superb decorative set, simulating Lord Krishna’s birth in the prison cell of Mathura, was assembled with near life size figures of Vasudev, Devki, Bal-Krushna, and Chaturbhuj Swarup of Vishnu. Balika/Kishori mandals nicely decorated the Paarnu (cradle).

Various joyous activities were held during the day, including a Maha-Pooja that was performed in the morning. During the main sabha, saints explained the importance of “Bhagvan no Ashro” - refuge at the God’s feet, on the basis of Lord Krushna’s life. Kirtan-Aradhna was performed by Kishor and Yuvak Mandal. To kick-off this year’s Walkathon, a slide presentation was given on the theme of “Family Health & Harmony”. Kishores presented an exciting raas that added rhythmic joy to the festival. Yuvak mandal sang "Nand gher anand bhayo....” and "Sona na bor zule Nandkishor.." while all devotees took pleasure of swinging “Shri Harikrishna Maharaj” in the cradle.

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